A one-on-one with a college coach looking at Ohio for some hoop talent. prides itself on working hand-in-hand with college coaches at all levels of play. Not just the ones in Ohio, but around the country. OPS had the pleasure of meeting a coach from a NAIA school in Bristol, Virginia during the Flying To The Hoops tournament in Dayton, Ohio last month. Here is more about this hidden gem of a school.

Virginia Intermont College is located in Bristol, Virginia on the border of Tennessee. In fact, the state lines are in the center of town. The area enjoys the scenic beauty of the Appalachian Mountains and Holston Lake, and the campus has a beautiful setting. The campus has easy access for transportation, with highway connections to a five state area. Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina. The climate stays just a little warmer that what we have in Ohio. With normal January highs being 44.5F and lows 25.5F. In the summer your normal temperature ranges from 64.3F - 85.5F. This is a must see campus.

The real reason were talking about Virginia Intermont, is basketball. During the Flying To The Hoops, Coach Thad Johnson made the trip to Dayton for this national tournament. Having a chance to see many of the countries, and Ohio's top players, made it a must stop for the busy coach. OPS spoke with the coach about what his school had to offer a potential basketball recruit, and gave the coach a chance to get his schools message out.

OPS: Coach, are you looking for any players this year?

Coach: Yes, were in need to find at least 4 players this season. Were losing 5, but have already filled one of those spots.

OPS: Why should a student - athlete from Ohio look at Virginia Intermont College.

Coach: VIC has a lot to offer a student - athlete. We have a great campus, in a beautiful setting. We play competitive basketball and have scholarship money to offer.

OPS: Coach you play NAIA-Division II, how many players do you keep on a roster?

Coach: We keep between 12-14 players on our roster.

OPS: You said you have scholarship money, how many scholarships do you have?

Coach: We have six full scholarships each year.

OPS: Do you spilt these scholarships, and if so, how do you do that?

Coach: Yes, we look at each of our student athletes whole package. Athletics is just a small part of what there able to receive. We also look at money they may receive from academics, as well as financial aid they will receive. We have many players that receive almost a full ride when everything is done.

OPS: What type of cost does VIC have for students?

Coach: Were a private school, so our tuition at this time is just under $20,000.00. Because were private, there is no out-of-state rise in cost.

OPS: What does a student - athlete need to qualify for VIC?

Coach: We require a 2.0 and at least a 860 of the SAT for admissions into VIC. We use the guidelines that the NAIA require.

OPS: What area do most of your athletes work towards a degrees?

Coach: Most of our basketball players are working towards degrees in business or sports management at this time.

OPS: What type of basketball background do you have?

Coach: I received my B.S from Kansas, and my M.S. from New Mexico. I didn't work on any of the basketball staff's, but I did some work in the basketball offices and during summer camps to learn from some great coaches.

OPS: During our conversations, you said your looking for some players for next year. How many, and how should a prospect receive more information about VIC and your basketball program?

Coach: The best thing for a prospect, is fill out our recruiting information form online. They could also e-mail me with any questions about the school or about the basketball program. Were looking for at least 4 players at this time. So we have a great opportunity for some kids to get a higher education and keep playing basketball.

Here is the link for the recruiting information. RECRUIT QUESTIONEER

Coach Thad Johnson's E-mail link: COACH THAD JOHNSON E-MAIL

OPS: Coach, thanks for allowing the chance to share your school with the many student - athletes in Ohio.

Coach: Thanks Dave, we also have other sports here at VIC student - athletes may want to look at. Baseball, women's basketball, men's and women's soccer, tennis, golf, track & field, softball and volleyball. We also have a great equestrian team. I can't thank you enough for sharing information about our college with Ohio's student - athletes.

OPS NOTES: I want to thank Coach Johnson for taking the time and telling us about VIC. Here is another school that Ohio kids need to be thinking about when looking at college and a chance to keep playing sports at the next level. To see more on VIC you can visit their web-site at the following link. VIRGINIA INTERMONT COLLEGE

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