Today I look at an up and coming athlete who's in the 8th Grade in Hillsboro, Ohio.

With the state wrestling tournament going on in Columbus this weekend, I felt it best to talk about a young man who has not yet made it to high school. This young man's story was told to me by his junior high coach, who's more than proud of what he's accomplished this winter.

Wrestling is by far, the most physical and mentally tough high school sport. The athletes that compete in this arena fight may different obstacles in their battle to the top of the state ranks. The best wrestlers start young and develop into state champions with hard work, dedication and will power. This young athlete I'm going to tell you about, has shown all of these traits before he ever reached the mat of competition..

Dustin Carter dreams of being a top athlete. His dream has now become a reality at Hillsboro Middle School. Dustin, an eighth grader, asked for a chance to wrestle this winter and worked hard in becoming the best wrestler he could. Wrestling is considered an individual sport, a match is held between two individuals of the same weight class. They spend three, two minute periods trying to pin or out score their opponent. The work before a match is grueling, the match is considered war.

Dustin saw 26 wars this year. He finished the season with a 14 - 12 record and 3 pins. His coach, Brian Williamson told me how much young Dustin has touched his life. "When Mrs. Satterfield came to me about Dustin, I had no idea what effect he would have on my life. She told me about Dustin, and his dream of wrestling. How he was looking for a chance, and was willing to work harder than any other wrestler on our team."

"I told Mrs. Satterfield to bring him on. I was looking for a young man willing to work and give everything he had for the sport." Coach Williamson then told me about the sprit and enthusiasm Dustin showed from the very first day. "From day one, Dustin came to the wrestling room and showed great energy and enthusiasm in practice. He didn't want anything special, he just wanted a chance."

Dustin Carter would wrestle in the 104lb. weight class. He became stronger and more determined each week, and would be upset with himself if he made mistakes. This winter Dustin participated in 8 meets at various high schools in the SCOL league. He was named Most Valuable Player for the Tecumseh Meet in Chillicothe. He also traveled to Steubenville and participated in the District Contest. While he didn't place at the district, he never was pinned during any of his matches.

During this winter, Dustin, his teammates and the wrestlers he competed against had to overcome many obstacles. That is what makes wrestling the sport it is. Coach Williamson call's Dustin, "The little man with a big heart" calls Dustin a Champion.

While Dustin competed with many up and coming wrestlers in south central Ohio this winter. None of them showed the courage or determination displayed by Dustin. At the start all Dustin wanted was a chance. Now all he wants is a state championship in the future.

You may be asking why would spotlight an athlete like Dustin. The reason is he's becoming a top prep athlete with many goals listed in the future. Coach Williamson tells me Dustin wants to try football next. Oh, I also forgot to mention that Dustin wrestled without legs below his knees and arms that end at his elbow. That is what makes Dustin Carter a perfect example for Ohio prep sports. With a will to win, and the desire to be the best, is proud to induct Dustin Carter into the OPS Honor Roll.

I would like to thank Coach Williamson for telling me about this young man. OPS looks forward to covering Dustin during his high school years. Dustin, keep up the good work and we wish you the best in whatever sport you play.

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