A new member of Valley Views football family is working hard to reach the next level. OPS spent some time with this young man and his family talking about football and the recruiting process.

OhioPrepScene is always on the lookout for under the radar talent. Well, we have found another one sitting in Germantown, Ohio who knows what Ohio High School football is about, but has never played a game in the buckeye state.

This winter saw the Bowling family make a move from New York, to Ohio. The family has deep ties within the northeast part of Ohio. Mr. Bowling knows about Ohio's football tradition from his youth growing up in Canton and going to Canton Mc Kinley High School. With a relocation to southwest Ohio for work, Mr. Bowling looked for a school that his family could excel in the classroom and on the athletic field. A friend of the family suggested he look in Germantown and at Valley View High School. Todd Bowling is now a junior for the Spartans and looking forward to Ohio High School football and a chance to improve and become a college student athlete.

OPS spent some time with the family and watched some tape of Todd to see what Valley View should expect from this new move in.

First let me say that the Bowling family is one of the nicest families I have spoken with. I had the chance to speak with Todd and watch some film with him. Here is some more information and a breakdown of his film.



6'2 - 225LBs


Todd shows the ability to shed blockers of all size. On film he showed great balance and the ability to keep his feet. When he gets to the ball carrier he knows what to do in making the play. The area that he needs work on is keeping his legs driving while making the hit. If he does this he will make some big hits.

In talking with Todd he knows that odds are stacked against any high school athlete in playing college football. But he knows that the only way to have a chance is hard work and desire. Todd is getting a fast taste of the commitment needed to play for a school like Valley View. In New York, Todd was the only player on his team that was working out in the off season. At Valley View they have 40+ freshman working out this off season. Todd has camped at Ohio State and Syracuse and saw some interest from Kent State while at these camps. He's also seen several smaller schools take notice in his ability and they are hoping he falls their way when the recruiting process is over.

Todd's plans for this summer include heading to TheInsiders/MSL football combine at the University of Cincinnati, and many other DI programs for at least one day. He feels that he will improve his 40 time and his all around strength with his work in the Spartans weight program.

I found Todd to be a great young man who knows hard work will be his key to the future. He's a very good student who knows that football can open doors for him to receive a college education. At this time its hard to say what level Todd may reach or what position he would play in college. While he may lineup at Linebacker at Valley View, I feel he may be headed for the defensive line when all is said and done. I look for Todd to increase his size, by putting more weight on his frame. I see him playing at the 240lb range as a senior and could carry another 20-25 pounds at the next level. Todd also should work on his skills as a Offensive linemen because of his long arms and great balance. But I know many schools will be looking at him at several different levels of college play. This summer is going to determine what level of college he will end up at.

OPS will be following Todd and many other players from Ohio in their quest of becoming a college student athlete.


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