The First OPS Recruiting Seminar is in the books. See what the parents who were there felt about the event.

For those who came to the Recruiting Seminar I want to send a large Thank You. If you didn't come you missed a lot.

Last Sunday night, I hosted our first recruiting seminar at Huber Heights Wayne High School. The event was attended by 30 student athletes and their families. From the response we have received from them, I'm sure this was not the last.

The evening started with all of our student athletes introducing themselves and what school they were from. We had athletes from Cincinnati Elder, Troy, Dover, Minster, Northmont, Stebbins, Harrison, Wayne, Lancaster, Tri County North and Valley View.

The athletes and parents are now a step closer in knowing what the recruiting process is about, and what the main goal should be. I wanted to share some of the e-mails I have received from the parents about the seminar.

Mr. Berk,

I would just like to thank you very much for the recruiting seminar you gave at Wayne High School last Sunday.

I really learned so much, and more importantly, I think my son really benefited from your knowledge as far as his grades.

Hearing it from someone besides mom and dad can really make an impact. He has now set a goal to improve his g.p.a. along with his goals for improving himself physically.

That alone is worth the thirty five bucks!!

Thank you again for everything you have done for all of the boys at Wayne.

Lori Viers

Hi Dave,

Andrew and I enjoyed your seminar last Sunday at Wayne High School.
It was worthwhile and the information was important to understand. Hearing
it from you really help my son understand the importance of education and the
importance of being a student athlete. This will help him heading into his sophomore
year at Minster High School and reaching his goals during the upcoming year.
Keep up the good work and talk
Thank you
Ken & Andrew Meyer


My wife and I both appreciate the wealth of knowledge that you shared in the recruiting seminar. It really is a marketing process. With all that you shared I definitely have a better sense of direction.

As for my son, hearing many of the same concerns that most parents have from a outside authority went a long way.

Your dedication to help these young men as well as the parents won't be forgotten.


Randy Colaner

 Dear Dave

I wanted to tell you how helpful your seminar was. I was so pleased to hear you speak of the value of trading your talents to get a college education no matter what division that may lead you to. I was glad that you outlined the rigorous schedule that a college student athlete follows. You raised many good questions to propose to prospective coaches. I thought it was a well thought out and thorough presentation. I know you made my son think about different aspects of college than he already had.

The whole football recruiting process is very new to me. I can totally understand when you said that your parents were kind of lost when your brother began the process. I guess it is even more so since this was Paul's first year of playing football. He has been a soccer player since he was five years old and I always assumed that he would be playing soccer in college. While he continues to play soccer, he also seems to have a talent for kicking footballs and really loved being part of the football team. They had a memorable season and we hope that next fall will be as good.

I began researching college recruiting, kicking camps, etc.. on the internet in the hopes of educating myself so that I can help Paul try to achieve his goal of playing football while attending college. Somehow, I found your website! Thank goodness! Your seminar and booklet really laid everything out in a very easy to understand manner. I also appreciate the positive nature of your website and the fact that you spotlight players other than the few BIG names.

Keep up the good work!

Julie Seiberling

Good Morning Dave,

Thanks again for holding the recruiting seminar. You gave us a lot of great information and lots to think about. I appreciate all your help with this process and I'm sure we'll be communicating more frequently.

Best regards,

Jerri Custer

This is just a few of the e-mails I have received since Sunday night. I want to again thank all of the parents and the student athletes for coming.  I also want to thank Ohio Dominican Coach Chris Oliver for talking about his school and NAIA Football.  A special thanks goes out to Coach Jay Minton of Huber Heights Wayne High School.  The area we held the event in was perfect.  I also want to thank Ken and the staff of KB Sportswear in Huber Heights for the help with the shirts. Remember, when OhioPrepScene holds an event, you want to be there. OPS will be telling you about our speed camp this weekend, So stay tuned!!!!



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