We received film on this kicker, punter, defensive back and wide receiver from Division I State Runner up Lakewood St. Edward.

Remember this name, Joe Kleinsmith, if you haven't heard of the kicker from Lakewood St. Edward High School, you will soon. Why do I tell you this, because he's going to see recruiting take off when his highlight tape gets out. I received Joe's tape and looked at the information sheet provided. I saw the following listings, Punter, Kicker, Defensive Back and Wide Receiver. I inserted the tape, and the rest will be history.


HEIGHT: 5'11"


40 TIME : 4.47




GPA: 3.71

If I sound excited, its because I am. This is one of the most impressive tapes I have ever seen. While kickers have a different route in recruiting, this kid is more than just a kicker. The stats are impressive and the tape even more so.

The first thing I saw was Joe's kicking. This past season I felt Ohio had 3 or 4 real good kickers. While I feel these young men were top kickers, I feel Joe is farther ahead in his kicking and position play.

Lets break each area down and give you an idea why Joe is going to see lots of interest.


Joe has a great leg, the ball just explodes off his foot and he's got great hang time at this early stage. Joe is also able to pin his opponent into a corner with many coffin kicks. This past season Joe punted 66 times with a 40.3 yrd. average. He placed 27 of these punts inside the 20 and shows great hands and form in receiving the snap. Joe had 0 kicks blocked this past season. Teams averaged only 1.25 yards per return and Joe saw 28 punts go over 40 yards.


College coaches always look for that big kick during a kickers high school career, Joe has that with hitting a 52 yards that stands as a St. Ed school record. Joe was 15 / 25 on the season and kicked off 72 times with 35 touchbacks and 57 downed inside the 5. On PAT's Joe was 27 / 36 for the season in helping St. Edwards to the Division I State Championship game.


Joe is more than just a kicker. While I see him as a college kicker, he also has enough athletic ability to play defensive back at a top level. This season he recorded 52 tackles with 1 fumble recovery and 5 interceptions. That 5 INT's made Joe the team leader but he wasn't done. Lined up as a rush end of special teams, Joe blocked 6 kicks with all-out effort. He has great football speed and uses it to his advantage. He comes off the line hard and fast and will lay-out to make the block if needed.


While Joe only recorded 3 catches on the season, he averaged 15 yards per catch on them. Again Joe is not afraid to go over the middle and make the catch.

While I see Joe as a kicker / punter, I could also see him on the field as a defensive back. He's that good of an athlete. Keep your eyes and ears open on this kid, he's going to get lots of interest from colleges before all is said and done.

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