We always talk about hidden gems, we have one today that may not be hidden for long. While he may have missed out on NLI Day, some school is going to get a real player. At this time he has no school and is looking for a place to play and get his college education.

OPS has asked for video tape of up and coming players. On Saturday, I received a new tape and had to wait until Sunday to pop it in. The information I received talked about a very strong and fast player for his size, and I couldn't wait until I had the chance to break down his film.

To my surprise, the player wasn't a junior. But, a current senior who has seen his recruiting come to a stop. After viewing the tape, I know that this kid will find a home somewhere to play football.

Columbus St. Francis DeSales doesn't play an easy schedule. With 7 games against D-I teams that went a combined 48 - 21, DeSales would win 4 of these games. Their victories were against Worthington Kilbourne, St. John's Jesuit, Logan and Cleveland St. Ignatius. The losses were St. Xavier, Dublin Scioto and Cincinnati Moeller. Toss in games against Bishop Watterson and Ironton and that makes the talent level some of the best. This player held up to the challenge of this competition and excelled in helping DeSales finish with a 6-4 record. Not back for a DIII program.

The player I'm talking about is Kevin Randolph. Let's break down Kevin.



HEIGHT: 6 ' 2"


40 TIME: 4.8

BENCH: 350


THE GOOD: Kevin has a very good motor, he shows great feet and use of his hands against offensive linemen. His stance is low and ready to explode, when he does come off the ball, he has a quick spring that unloads and propels him into the line of scrimmage. One of the biggest assets I see from Kevin, is the ability to keep his feet. On many plays, Kevin would have O-linemen chop-block only to see him use his hands and push them down and hop over them to make a play. He can line up on the left or right side and doesn't show any weakness while in hand to hand combat. Kevin's biggest asset is his first step. He's got a great one, and knows how to use it.

THE BAD: Kevin's biggest weakness is the same weakness I see from many down linemen in high school. The like to get into a pile, and never come out. This can be fixed, and should not create a problem in the future. As I said, I see this in many high school players, they haven't been shown enough moves and don't understand the importance of getting out of these piles.

OTHER AREAS: Kevin didn't help his recruiting with his academics. While I feel Kevin is a good student, I feel that like many kids, he didn't understand that academics are more than just staying eligible to play at the high school level. It's the life blood for college recruiting. In talking with Kevin's mother, she tells us that Kevin is sitting with a 2.2 - 2.5 GPA, the plus side of this is Kevin scored a 21 on his ACT. This could have been one reason colleges backed off recruiting Kevin. I have also heard in the past, student athletes and parents from DeSales don't receive much help in the recruiting process from the high school staff. I hope this isn't the case, but if it is, its not the only school in Ohio with this problem. People often ask about other High School coaches and why they always have kids going to play college football. While some people look at this and say its just that schools turn, I look at the coach and see what he's doing for his kids to reach the next goal. Those schools that have great track records of kids getting to college, usually have a coach that gets real involved with the recruiting process.

NEXT STEP: Not that this information is out there, college coaches who have interest in Kevin can contact OhioPrepScene.com and get Kevin's contact information. While Kevin is a hidden gem, I can't stress enough that recruiting starts the day you enter your first class in your freshman year. Academics and athletic ability go hand-in-hand with recruiting.

I would like to thank Kevin's mother and father for sending OPS this tape. I would also like to thank Mrs. Randolph for talking openly about Kevin's academics and his goals of going to college.


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