In looking at more Trotwood-Madison film we look at another sophomore who's going to make some noise.

As I reported, one of the top coaches working for his kids is Coach Douglass of Trotwood Madison. The former NFL player has revived the Rams program from the depths of despair just a few years ago. If high school coaches would follow Coach Douglass, we could provide more information on players from around Ohio. I can't stress enough, how much work this coach does for his kids.

While the Rams didn't post the win total they wanted in 2003, the depth of skill talent is there for the Rams to excel the next couple of years. Today, we look at another player who is going to make a mark on recruiting over the next two years. Jerel Leak will soon become one of Ohio's top sophomore prospects.




Free Safety / Wide Receiver


170 lbs.

40 Time: 4.5

Bench: 195

Squat: 300

PROJECTED AS COLLEGE: It's too early to say. I like what I see on offense, but know that coaches are into the 6'3 receivers. I see him as a defensive back because of his athletic ability. But would love to see him with the ball more often.


COACH DOUGLASS COMMENTS: Jerel has the capability to score anytime he touches the ball. He's a playmaker and can be one of the top players in Ohio for his class.


WOW!!!! In looking at Jerel, I see several things that grab my attention fast. The type of body Jerel has is special, he's got great hips, and feet and knows how to cut on a dime. He reaches top speed within his first three steps and runs with a great stride. When making a cut, he keeps his speed and can accelerate as he comes out of it. He shows no fear in traffic, and has the vision to take a pitch and work his way for big gains. His return ability is one of the top in the state no matter what class your looking at. A big thing I see with Jerel is his hands. He catches the ball with his hands and not his chest. So often we see many young receiver or return men allow the ball to come into their body to secure. Jerel can snatch the ball out of the air and gain big yardage as a receiver or return specialist. On special teams, Jerel goes full out and can make plays. Jerel looks faster than 4.5, he has what I call, Football Speed. He's got great football instincts and shows a desire to do his best on every play. While he can play on both sides of the ball, as a coach, I would want the ball in his hands as many times possible. He's that explosive with it and should be considered one of Ohio's top skill players over the next two seasons. At least one of the most dangerous return-men in the state.

While Jerel has the tools college coaches looks for, the only area I see he needs to buckle down on is his academics. While he's not in any danger of not qualifying at this time, a better GPA will make him an even better recruit. The other area I see some coaches looking at is height. In today's college football world, coaches are looking for those 6'1 DB's, Jerel doesn't have the height, but, with long arms he's able to match-up with taller players with no problems.

Keep an eye on Jerel as he progresses over the next season. A strong camp showing will have coaches coming hard and early for this top Southwest Ohio prospect.

If your a prospect, we need your highlight tapes. Send the tapes ASAP so we can get a head start in getting you some exposure. I want to thank Coach Douglass for helping OPS get all the information on his kids.

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