OPS talked one-on-one with Troy, Ohio prospect about his recent weekend visit & what schools are showing interest.

It's that time of year when high school prospects make the rounds of college spring games and practices. One player that is seeing interest from several colleges is Troy High School prospect Ryan Custer. You may remember the player breakdown OPS did on Ryan the other week. If not here's the link:

While Ryan is sitting with one offer in the bag, many other schools are talking about taking visits and coming to camps this summer. Ryan, who plays defensive end in high school, will have to make the switch to offensive line at the next level. That makes Ryan a prospect many schools want to see in person.

So far Ryan has visited Bowling Green and just returned this weekend from Notre Dame. OPS spoke with Ryan on Monday night about his visit to South Bend, and what other schools are showing interest.

OPS: Ryan let's start with this weekend and your trip to Notre Dame. How did it go?

Ryan: The trip was fun. It's what I expected, a great campus, facilities and tradition. Lots of tradition!

OPS: How many recruits would you say were there for the spring game?

Ryan: Around 70 players were there.

OPS: What made Notre Dame stand out in your mind?

Ryan: Like I said the tradition. You really get an idea about how deep the tradition is when you go there. Having visited a few other schools none can compare to what I saw this weekend. You learn very fast how important and big the football tradition is. The atmosphere was great, and I hope to be involved in a program like that in college.

OPS: Did you get a chance to talk with any of the Notre Dame Coaches?

Ryan: Yes, I had the chance to speak with Coach Denbrock while I was there. There were so many recruits there; they were trying to meet each of us, so getting quality time was not going to happen.

OPS: What other schools have been in contact with you?

Ryan: Right now Pittsburgh, Purdue and Northwestern have shown interest, along with Duke who's made an offer.

OPS: What are they telling you about their interest in you?

Ryan: The coach from Purdue told me they would like to see me in camp for at least 1 day. They want to see if I project into what they look for in an offensive tackle. He also said they would be looking at me for offensive tackle/guard only. Pittsburgh said they would like me to come for a visit and Northwestern said they liked my tape, and it's been passed onto the head coach for review.

In talking with Ryan's mother, she expressed how impressive the campus of Notre Dame is and felt the trip was well worth the time. Notre Dame recruits a little different than most schools. They really study and breakdown prospects to make sure they fit into the type of student and athlete that is needed at the school. One area that Ryan has no problem in is academics. As a top student, Ryan will make any college coach happy with his classroom work.

I would like to thank Ryan and his family for keeping OPS updated with the recruiting process.

Stay with OPS for more on Ryan and other top players from around Ohio. If you have a question or comment about this story or about any players you feel are being missed, post it on our message boards. We always look and respond to post on the boards.


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