Who do I feel is the top football prospects in Ohio for 2004? Take a look and see. I'm sure you have heard of them all, but at this time I feel they are the top.

While I don't believe in giving players a ranking or the star system, I also know that many people want to know who I feel is the top players in Ohio. So I guess its time to put my neck out on the line and give you some names of the players I feel are some of the tops. I'm sure you have heard of all of these players.

The number 1 player in Ohio is an easy choice for everyone who follows high school football or college recruiting. The top player in this class a year ago sits atop the list still. Here is my list of the 5 top players in Ohio and why.



1. Jamario O'Neal - Cleveland Glenville High School - Defensive Cornerback

Talk all you want about other players in Ohio, this one is special and everyone knows it. With his early offer & verbal from Ohio State, Jamario set himself apart from the rest of the crowd. He has everything a college coach would look for and more. Off the field issues have some concerned, but with mentorship from Coach Ginn look for Jamario to keep his nose clean. Jamario is a great athlete and has all the skill parts needed for greatness at the next level. Is OSU the best choice for Jamario? That's a hard one to answer because the Buckeyes are deep in talent, but Jamario will push anyone the Buckeyes have now.

2. Adam Myers - White - Hamilton High School - Safety

While many may not have considered Adam as a top prospect a year ago, he showed what he could do in the shadow of another top player in the defensive backfield of The Big Blue. With great size, speed and desire, Myers-White will see every major program get into the running for his services. I feel he's not that far behind O'Neal, and with his great size he's got a great chance to play after college if he stays healthy and keeps his great work ethic.

3. Rob Schoenhoft - Cincinnati St. Xavier High School - Quarterback

With such a great QB class this past year, 2004 may not have the depth, but it has some talent. The top signal caller is Schoenhoft. He's got great size and can make all the throws. He's still a work in progress but he's not that far off when you consider he's only got one year of starting experience. In watching tape of all three top quarterbacks, Rob has all the tools wanted by major programs and sets himself apart from the rest. Already with several offers, look for more soon.

4. Mario Manningham - Warren Harding High School - Wide Receiver

As the top deep threat in this class, let's not forget Mario and what he's able to do on the field. While he didn't have as big of a junior year don't be fooled. Mario has all the tools needed for the next level. Having seen him at a summer camp last summer, he showed what he could do against some top defensive backs during 7 on 7 drills. With an offer and verbal to Michigan in place, I still look for some teams to make a run and try to change his mind.

5. Javon Ringer - Dayton Chaminade - Julienne High School - Running Back

How can you not have the next Barry Sanders in the top five? Having seen Javon develop over the last couple of years I'm sold that this kid is special. With great balance and speed, Javon in my opinion is the best back in Ohio. Having rushed for over 2,000 yards each of the past two seasons puts Javon on pace to finish with over 6,000 yards when he laces them up for the Eagles and Coach Jim Place one final time. If you get a chance to see Javon play in person, Do it!! He will not disappoint. Like I said, think of Barry and you will have a vision of what Javon brings to the table.

Those are the top 5 players I feel from Ohio, at this point in the recruiting process.  While many will have a different opinion, I feel when the dust clears, many will see why I chose these five players. In making this list we only looked at on field talent. 

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