If your a Bengal fan and want a chance to have some fun, check out this great event to help Autism.

One player I was glad to see become a Bengal is former West Virginia standout John Thornton. Since becoming a Bengal after staring for the Tennessee Titans, John has worked within the Cincinnati area for many causes.

One of the latest things John has done is build a web-site that covers the Bengals. takes John off the field and into the lives of many of the top players for the Bengals. Another area John works hard at is helping the people of the Cincinnati area.

On June 1st. 2004 John will be hosting an event to help with Autism. John Thornton & Friends Bowling for Autism is going to be a great chance for fans to rub shoulders with many current Bengals. There will also be a raffle and silent auction during the day. One of the biggest prizes during the silent auction will be a chance for someone to have lunch with Bengal Head Coach Marvin Lewis. Your help is needed for this great cause.

Here are the links for all the information you will need on this event.


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