With a former college coach at its helm. Big things are expected out of this Cincinnati school over the next few seasons. But from the sound of it the talent is getting ready to rise to the top. We look at this school and two of its top prospects for the 2005 recruiting class.

This time of year storms are brewing in the Ohio Valley. With these storms there exists the possibility of floods. At one Cincinnati school there seems to be a flood of a different kind. I call it a talent flood. In the past few years Cleveland Glenville has made a name for itself with some of the countries top football and athletic talent. Now a Southwest Ohio school feels they are headed in the same direction.

2003 started slow for the Tigers as they dropped their first four games. But in week five the Tigers found their winning ways and never looked back as they finished the season with a 6-4 mark. With a former college coach running the ship, Withrow is getting the best in teaching and preparing for the future.

Before heading back to Cincinnati Withrow Tigers Head Coach Doc Gamble was working the sidelines at East Carolina University. The former college coach has some idea about the talent level needed in college and feels he's got some up and coming prospects that colleges will be taking a look at. By the sound of the college coaches who have been in so far I would have to agree with Coach Gamble.

One thing the coach stressed is that many of the Tigers up and coming talent is young, very young. But that's not to say there's not some top senior talent getting serious recruiting looks all ready.

Were now going to look at some of the seniors and the information Coach Gamble has provided us. We have a tape on the way for breakdown and will post our findings after watching it.

Coach Gamble started with Dante Love. The 5'10 170lb. quarterback/athlete passed for 1523 yards and 12 touchdowns last season. Dante also rushed for 791 yards and 9 touchdowns to make him one of Ohio's top offensive threats. Not bad for a kid that didn't play football his sophomore year. This three sport athlete is generating looks from schools like Georgia, Florida, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue, Ball State, Boston College, Akron, Central Michigan, Cincinnati, Syracuse, Indiana, Louisville, Toledo and West Virginia. Coach Gamble told OPS that all of these schools have requested film, called or visited the school about Dante. In fact Coach Gamble said most of them have done all three and a few have made early offers. Look for Dante to play wide receiver or defensive back in college.

Another player that is getting lots of attention is Jovon Davis. At 6'4 306lbs Davis has played defensive tackle for the Tigers. Last season Jovon moved to right guard because of the lack of linemen on the team. That move may have helped Jovon in the long run as many college coaches are telling Coach Gamble they see a guard or center for the big man. Coach stated Jovon has great lateral movement and great feet to go along with long arms. A lot of the same schools looking at Dante are showing great interest in Jovon. And throw in the likes of Nebraska, Wake Forest and Maryland looking at this talented lineman.

These are just two of the many players Coach Gamble provided to OPS. Many on the list are going to be juniors or sophomores next season. In fact two freshmen were varsity starters last season.

I would like to thank Coach Gamble for giving OPS this information on all of these talented young men. I can't wait until I get that tape broken down and can share with you what I see.

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