We received some tape from Coach Larry Cox of Lakota West High School. We look at one of the several top prospects he has coming back next season.

When a High School coach sends you tape and he's coached several D-I athletes you take notice. Not so much in what the coach might say. But the fact he's willing to express the good and bad in players he feels will be top prospects.

That is the case with Lakota West Head Coach Larry Cox. Coach Cox has coached several current D-I players and the tape he sent me shows he will be adding to that list with the Class of 2005 & 2006. The first player I looked at on film is one that I feel is going to open some eyes. While he may not be getting lots of talk in recruiting circles, he will see enough college coaches recruit him hard.

Steve Huff first caught my attention during a scrimmage held at Huber Heights Wayne HS. Lakota West was there along with Cincinnati St. Xavier and Wayne. While I went to see to a few other prospects, I came away wanting the name of the team's center. The name I was given, Steve Huff.

The first thing that stands out about Steve is his size. When I saw him last he stood 6'5 275lbs. Coach Cox tells me Steve has grown to 6'6 and his weight is now 295 lbs. Steve shows great potential at the center position. He comes off the ball hard with his only drawback being he sometimes plays high. I'm not worried about this because most high school linemen do the same thing.

Steve is quick from the snap and then getting his hands and feet into position. The other thing I feel is a big positive for Steve is he keeps his feet. I just don't like linemen who get knocked off their feet. A lineman that is on the ground is one that can't make another block down field for the ball carrier.

Steve is strongest in run blocking. The main reason for this is West runs much more than they pass. He shows very good leg drive and is able to get his defender turned to open holes. Pass blocking is an area he will need some work in but he's not far off. West linemen take a lane and block an area. At the next level he must be able to move his feet to pick up stunts. I don't think he will have a problem in making this adjustment. Steve punches out very well and has long arms to lock out defenders and keep control of his man.

Steve projects as a center at the next level. If he goes to a program that has a proven center he could be moved to guard, but he will enter with high skill level from the center position. I see Steve getting lots of looks. Camps are going to be real important for Steve if he wants to earn an offer from a major program. I see Steve headed to a Mid-Major and doing very well in the future.


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