Will you be part of the Sports Scream? Or will you be outside while the members of OPS know what we really feel about sports.

Sports Scream.

What is the Sports Scream?

Its were writers for will go and give opinions and rants about sports in and outside of Ohio. You will not see this anywhere else but in the Sports Scream Message Board.  We will talk about all sports at all levels of play. 

Each week a new Sports Scream will appear with our views about sports. You may agree or even disagree and that is our point. We want to start a special place for Ohio Prep Scene TAP Members to go and get more for their money. We want your involvement in the Sports Scream. If you agree on a point tell us. If you disagree tell us.

Remember, opinions expressed in Sports Scream are those of the writer and not the site or staff as a whole. Some topics will have an edge and may be too sharp for you. That's the point! We will have a take on a subject and you can respond to it.

The Scream will also have recruiting information. Player rankings and more so don't miss a single issue of the Sports Scream the first issue is on the board and ready to be viewed. 

Don't miss some of our upcoming special features.  Rob will have some new AAU Player Rankings out soon and you will have to go into the Sports Scream to see them first.

The Sports Scream is located in the message boards and is a premium board for members only

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