What really happend at the MSL Combine held at The Univeristy of Cincinnati. We give you a look behind the scenes.


The MSL Combine came into the Queen City looking for top athletes to show their wares. If you're a player within a short distance and didn't come then you missed a great chance to compete and increase your stock with college coaches.

Why is the MSL fast becoming the top combine in the country? It's easy to see once you attend and learn from many former NFL & College players and coaches. The combine is designed to act and feel just like the one held by the NFL. With its partnership with the NFL Coaches Association the MSL is able to compiling a data base for college coaches to view and know their getting correct measurements and times. These are the reasons MSL has become the fastest rising combine of its kind.

Saturday 115 student athletes from all over the United States traveled to The University of Cincinnati to learn and compete. Let's take a look at what these athletes did today at the MSL Combine.

By arriving at 7:00 a.m. camp coaches knew they would have some young men that really wanted to be there. Once all athletes were registered combine coaches explained what they were in for.

The staff took control of the athletes by making sure they understood they were here to work and improve their chance of getting exposure for college.

The chill in the early morning air didn't stop these athletes from working hard. In weather that is usually seen in April, the staff and players keep high spirits and worked together in getting the early session done.

Each athlete had several things to do before seeing the field. Kickers were the first on and first off the field turf at UC. Each kicker warmed up with an assortment of kicks and then the real test came. Each kicker would set up and kick increasing the distance as they went along. With windy conditions and a few kickers trying to get used to the field turf we saw several misses. But in all we know we saw at least 2 D-I kickers on the day.

As the kickers were working on the field all the other athletes were working at other stations around the complex. Each athlete would go through the same process. Getting exact measurements of each athlete is important. Several of the athletes complained about the lack of height or weight that was recorded, but the numbers were facts and not just some given by their high school coach. With former NFL coaches doing the measuring, athletes learned real quick they shouldn't whine. No one was listening.


After getting measured the athletes would move over and hit the bench. Each took a turn doing a warm-up set and then was put to the test to see what they really could do. Now the athlete headed over to do the standing long jump.


With half the athletes doing the above, others were going through a personal interview or getting their vertical tested. The step repeated itself during the morning hours and as the kickers were finishing on the field the quarterbacks were getting ready to show what they had.

All of the athletes would also take part in a psychological profile with a multiple-choice test. This is just another example of how in-depth the MSL is over any other combine.

On the field the kickers were leaving and it was time for the quarterbacks to perform. Missing the big name quarterbacks from around the state, could have allowed some a chance to move up the charts. Only one did on this day. With a former college quarterback running the drills you could see early many of the so called quarterbacks had better learn another position if they plan on seeing a college offer to come there way.

Each drill would show feet, and the ability to make the throws needed at the next level. As the day progressed they would move from the short throws into some deep work. It's too bad we didn't see the likes of Tyler Horner or Tim Hiller during this event.

As the other players started coming down from above the field was getting prepared for several drills. Angle drive, Long shuttle, short shuttle, figure 8 and of course the 40 were done by all. The field turn did make for some angry runners because it makes for slower times, but still a few posted very good times before all was said and done.


After the field drills the campers got ready for some one-on-one drills. This is always the fun part of any day when you have the chance to see players get after it. You will read more as the week progresses about these players on OPS.



In between the athletes were provided a bag lunch with a sandwich, cookie and apple along with a bottle of water.

I want to stress the great job done by the MSL staff in helping make our day go extra smooth. One person in general who worked extra hard for the Insiders staff on hand was Sara Ellison. Sara thanks for getting us all the names and numbers we asked for. You and all of your helpers were a big asset to us all and I look forward to working with your group in the future.

From the remarks of many at the combine they have expressed the MSL is here to stay and provide the most in-depth numbers on college prospects in America. So to all of you athletes that think you're going to have the chance to just go to MSL next season. Hold on!! Next year will be by invite only and you can only get invited if your high school coach or a publisher from the Insiders submits your name. There will be no walk-up registration in the future.

So for all you guys getting ready to be juniors next fall we will see you at an MSL Combine next spring.

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