While not a D-I prospect, Nico is going to make some college coach a very good player. I know you want D-I Nico so prove me wrong.

One of the things I like best doing is finding prospects for different levels of play. While many of these athletes get upset I don't see them as a D-I player, I work to give them exposure for the levels of play they can achieve.

One player I saw during the MSL Combine in Cincinnati did just that. Nico Yantko is a very good athlete. While at MSL he participated in quarterback drills, while not a D-I quarterback prospect Nico is a future college athlete. It's just what level will Nico play.

I see Nico as a D-II, D-III or NAIA prospect. I know he doesn't what to hear this but it's an honest assessment of his ability. So all of my smaller college coaches who check out OPS, head over to Fairborn High School and give Nico a look. You may like his ability as a quarterback.

This is what makes "Sunshine" stick out of the crowd. First you see the hair and think of the movie "Remember the Titans" and the quarterback. Nico has a flair about himself but his ability is not just a look. He's very athletic and can also throw a very nice ball. Nico looks strong and has good definition about his frame. You can see it in the way he runs and reacts on the field.

Nico was strong to point out that he also can play other positions but QB's were his team needed him. I believe this statement and feel Nico is going to make some college coach very happy in the future. Not just a D-I coach.

Nico, don't take this wrong. Only about 5% of the high school football players get D-I college offers. And I'm not talking about players in Ohio but the whole country. Keep working hard and I see a future in football at the college level.

Remember OPS is not just about D-I prospects. We look for players at all levels of play. I would like to thank Nico for taking the time and talking with me at the MSL. I know you didn't want to hear what I said, but it's the truth. You're a great looking athlete and I'm sure some college is going to come a calling for your football services.

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