Look for our story about the Dayton Nets AAU program later this week. But first we look at one of Ohio's young players that's getting a lot of talk around AAU circles.

During the past few months OPS has seen one Ohio AAU Player have more interest on our message boards. Because of this I set out to get more information on this player and his team. The player everyone is talking about is Chris Freeman of Huber Heights and the Dayton Nets AAU program.

Here is our one-on-one with Chris Freeman.

OPS: What do you like about basketball?

Chris: I just love it. I have loved it since I was 4 years old.

OPS: What do you feel is an area that you need to work on in your game?

Chris: I need to really work on my conditioning; being able to run the floor better and also I need to work on my overall game.

OPS: What do you like about being part of the Nets program?

Chris: I like my teammates and I feel I have a great relationship with my coaches. Even though this is my first year with them, I have really had fun.

OPS: Did you play any AAU ball last year?

Chris: No, I broke my foot and I couldn't really move around so I didn't get the chance to play last summer.

Future Wayne Warrior Chris Freeman?


OPS: What other teams have you played for?

Chris: I have played Dayton Metro and also Gem City.

OPS: What do you like about getting together with the team you're on now?

Chris: its fun, just having fun with my teammate and stuff like that and learning more about the game.

OPS: What's your favorite sport?

Chris: (Laughing) Basketball!

OPS: Do you have a favorite college and pro team you follow?

Chris: Yes, I really like Duke in college and the Lakers in pro.

OPS: So are the Lakers going to win?

Chris: Yes, all the way.

OPS: So are you a Shaq fan?

Chris: Yes Sir!

OPS: How about your work in the classroom. How's school?

Chris: My grades are real good. I try and work hard to make sure I get good grades.

OPS: What's your favorite subject?

Chris: Science

OPS: Who was the teacher for that class?

Chris: Mr. Russ

OPS: What else should we know about Chris Freeman?

Chris: That I'm a good kid and I want to work and improve my basketball game even more.

Well that's the end of our One-On-One with Chris Freeman of the Dayton Nets AAU Basketball program. I would like to thank Chris and Coach Taylor of the Nets for helping OPS get more information on their program and some of their players.

Look for our next article on the Nets program as OPS talks with the brain trust behind one of Ohio's most talked about up and coming programs in AAU Basketball.

Side Note

As I told Chris and Coach Taylor. Chris Freeman with the right coaching could end up one of Ohio's top offensive line prospects before all is said and done. This kid has great size for his age and I'm sure Wayne Football Coach Jay Minton will be looking to try and get Chris on the football field at Wayne.


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