Saturday is the North - South game. OPS caught up with two of the players who will lead the South to battle.

With Saturdays Grange Insurance North-South All-Star game many of Ohio's top players will put on a uniform for the last time at the high school level. We had a chance to speak with two of the players from the South and learned about what has happen during the past week and about the South team.

Shawn Donaldson of Dover High School is a player you first learned about on The 6'5, 295lb. offensive lineman saw his recruiting start slow and gain speed with a top senior year. Shawn is now getting ready to play for Kent State this fall, but before that he's taking part in the North-South game.

Photo of Shawn Donaldson

Here is what Shawn had to say.

OPS: Shawn how are things going?

Shawn: Great, I'm having a great time and looking forward to play Saturday night.

OPS: What all have they had you guys do this week?

Shawn: We have practiced hard. Last night we went out to the movies and we all enjoyed that. Today were going to the pool and cooling off from the heat.

OPS: Anything big happen this week?

Shawn: Not really, we did name our captains today.

OPS: Who did you guys pick?

Shawn: On offense we named Matt McKeown from Sycamore High School and Grant Gregory from Athens High School. Grant is also my roommate this week. On defense we named Justin Kershaw from Reynoldsburg High School and Chad Hoobler from Carrolton High School. We also named a special team's captain and Jonathon Skeete from Gahanna earned that honor.

OPS: The South squad looks like it's got some great talent, are you guys going to win?

Shawn: Yes, we've got some great players here. I know were going to win with all the players I have seen on the South team.

OPS: You said Grant Gregory is your roommate, what do you think of Grant.

Shawn: Yes he's my roommate and he's been great. It's funny how we all came here not really knowing each other and now we've all become best friends. This has been a great experience.

OPS: Is Grant around right now?

Shawn: Yes, here let me get him for you.

Grant Gregory is another player you first heard about on By going out and hitting the camp circuit last summer Grant saw his stock rise each week until he made the commitment to Indiana.

Photo of Grant Gregory

OPS: Grant how are things going for you?

Grant: Very well, we've been practicing hard to prepare for this game.

OPS: Shawn said you were named captain, how does that feel?

Grant: It's a great honor. I'm very honored that the team thought this highly of me and named me a captain.

OPS: How is the process going for you getting ready to head to Indiana?

Grant: I was slowed a little because of baseball. I got the workout booklet to prepare for everything but with baseball I didn't get started as soon as I would have liked. I'm now into football and working hard on my game.

OPS: Grant thanks for taking some time and talking with us and we wish you the best on Saturday night and at Indiana this fall.

Grant: Thank you.

OPS: Shawn thanks for talking with us and I look forward to hearing from you on Sunday after the game.

Shawn: Thank you Mr. Berk and I will talk with you on Sunday when I get home.


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