OPS talks with football prospect Emmanuel Allen about his summer and also his ability. We also breakdown his DVD.

We received another DVD that caught our eye and spoke with the athlete that sent it in.

When looking for college prospects Oberlin High School may not be a place many D-I coaches head. That could change if things workout for Emmanuel Allen. Allen, a 6'4 180lb. receiver/defensive back is working hard to earn a scholarship offer.

Let's give you what Emmanuel and I spoke about first and then I will break down his DVD.

OPS: Emmanuel where have you camped and were else are you looking at?

EA: I just got back from Iowa. I was at Toledo before that and I'm looking at maybe going to Ohio State also.

OPS: What schools contacted you in May?

EA: I had Iowa, Akron and Florida contact me in May.

OPS: How was the Iowa camp?

EA: It was great. I liked it a lot and feel I had a good camp.

OPS: What position do you feel schools are recruiting you for?

EA: I feel they are looking at me for a safety. But some have also talked about playing receiver.

OPS: What do you feel are your strength and weakness are on the field.

EA: I feel I have the size needed to play and also the speed. I run a 4.5 40 but didn't have a good time at Iowa because I pulled a hamstring when I was at Toledo. As for weakness I know I need to work on the basics of the game so I can improve.

OPS: Emmanuel I wish you the best of luck and thanks for sending your DVD in for us to view.


Is Emmanuel Allen a D-I college player? That question will be answered by a college coach. While Emmanuel shows great promise, the fact he plays at a lower level high school program will raise some eyebrows. Emmanuel needs to get to as many camps as he can, without camps he will not have a chance to see his stock rise to the level he will need for an offer. Let's look at what I saw.

High School Position: DB/WR

Projected College Position: Safety/Receiver

Projected College Level: DI-AA or Lower - If someone is willing to take the chance on Emmanuel they could get a huge payoff. He has some skills that need refined, but he's got the height and projects to fill out even more to become a big time safety. This kid can play football, which is the bottom line. He makes tackles and his talent stands out about the rest of his team.

While Emmanuel shows to be a very good athlete, I feel that he's never been tested against some of the top players. This isn't his fault, but it's what many college programs will see. Emmanuel makes plays for a team that was very poor. He shows the ability to catch the ball away from his body with above average hands. His height is a great factor in how his recruiting will go. Emmanuel stands 6'4 and he could see a lower level D-I program take a harder look more than any Big Ten program. He should camp at as many MAC schools as he can and then also head towards schools like Eastern Kentucky or Western Kentucky. I project Emmanuel as a safety prospect because he isn't afraid to mix it up and put a shoulder into a player. But if given the chance to work on his routes and ball skills he could become a very good receiver.

I liked what I saw on the DVD, but the fact that I also didn't see many other prospects makes me wonder about who he's been tested by.  While he's got the height, today we see more 6'4 wide receivers than ever before.  He reports a 4.5 - 40 time and if he can post that time in a camp he should see teams taking a harder look.

Overall some school should take a hard look at Emmanuel Allen. Because he is a football player!!!


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