Everyone has the right to pick the top players in Ohio. Even OPS, so here is our Top 10 Football Recruits for the Class of 2005.

With camps in full swing its time we look at who OPS feel is the Top 10 Recruits for Ohio. While this list can change we feel that these 10 players can claim these spots.

1. Jamario O'Neal - CB - Cleveland Glenville High School

What can't you say about Jamario? He was our top prospect a year ago and is still today. He has all the skills you look for in a top cornerback and would have given Ted Ginn Jr. a run for his money if they were in the same class. Commitment: The Ohio State University

2. Rob Schoenhoft - QB - Cincinnati St. Xavier High School

Rob has been our top QB prospect since late last season. While he's raw in his development, he has all the tools college programs that want a Pro-Style quarterback look for. From what Rob has said, look for his commitment in the next few weeks. With Ohio State losing a quarterback today they could be in the running now. Commitment: Open

3. Adam Meyers-White - S - Hamilton High School

Adam showed his great skills this past season with help from OSU recruit Brandon Underwood. Now it's his turn to be the man and teams will try and stay away. With great size and speed Adam has seen his stock soar. Look for a commitment following camps and before the season. Commitment:Open

4. Mario Manningham - WR - Warren Harding High School

After seeing Mario in camp last summer you could see this kid has what every school wants. With great speed and vertical Mario has proven he's the top receiver in Ohio. Big pickup for Michigan early in the process and it looks strong. Commitment: Michigan

5. Greg Orton - WR - Huber Heights Wayne High School

I have seen Greg become a top receiver over the past few years. He has a great receiver coach that has helped several players become very good receivers at the next level. With size and speed Greg has that little extra to his game that many receivers lack. He's Nasty!! With several offers on the table I feel that Pittsburgh and Purdue are leading with Ohio State looking to see if he camps with them. Commitment: Open

6. Javon Ringer - RB - Dayton Chaminade-Julienne High School

I can't say enough things about Javon Ringer. While he's not the proto type of back many look for as a top prospect, he's got Skill's that no one else in Ohio can match. Runs with a smooth cat like balance and has posted top numbers against many top teams. There is no question in my mind he's Ohio's top running back at this time. Commitment: Open

7. Alex Boone - OL - Lakewood St. Edward High School

While I still like leaner O-linemen you can't lose fact that Alex has a chance to become a great lineman at the next level. I can't wait to see what he becomes after time in a college weight program. Having stopped his recruiting before it started will limit us from seeing just how many colleges agree. Commitment: The Ohio State University

8. Alex Daniels - ATH - Columbus Marion Franklin High School

Alex is seeing every top program coming aboard with offers. And why not? With his athletic size Alex has great upside when he reaches the next level. After working hard Alex has seen college coaches take stock in his ability. While projected as a Safety, Alex could grow into a linebacker in the right system. The problem is he's also a top running back and several schools will have to give him a look just in case. Commitment: Open

9. Antwon Hight - DT - Canton McKinley High School

Will we get the chance to see Antwon head to the next level? That is the big question. With some of the best football skills in Ohio, it's a shame we may never get the chance to see it. Size and great athleticism makes Antwon a Top 10 player in my book. If he gets his academics in order watch out. Every major program will be at McKinley after Antwon. Commitment: Open

10. Todd Denlinger - DT - Troy High School

Picking who should not make the Top 10 was hard. Many players could be on this list but we limited to only those we felt are at the top at this time. Todd has put himself in this position with his hard work and great athletic ability. Having shown great ability as a linebacker in high school, Todd has seen his body grow and make him into a down linemen. Because of these skills I see Todd causing problems for many offensive linemen in the future. Look for an adjustment time to learn about being in a down position after playing so long standing. Commitment: The Ohio State University

Well there you have the OPS Top 10 Recruits as of June, 2004. Could this list change? You bet it can, so stick around as we release the next 10 in a few days.


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