After seeing at MSL and on tape I feel this player is the better college prospect even with his teammate getting all the press.

Gary Schussler




MSL 40 TIME: 5.72 (On a very slow turf)



I first had a chance to see Gary and his high school teammate David White at the MSL Combine held at The University of Cincinnati at the end of May. I had heard of both players and was surprised when I had a chance to meet both of them.

My first impression of Gary has stayed the same. Gary is an underrated offensive linemen who may end up as a defensive nose guard at the next level. While many have his teammate White rated ahead of Gary I don't see it that way. Both players lack the height that college (Division I) programs look for. Gary is taller as David stands at around 6'0-6'1 at best.

During one-on-one drills at MSL I found Gary to be the better prospect of the two with both players having very good feet. Gary looked to have longer arm extension and used that to his advantage during the MSL combine, when MSL was over Gary showed that he's a better all-around prospect. While I feel both players are going to find a D-I offer hard to come by, I feel that Gary may see it before David does.


When looking at film of Gary I came away feeling this kid could become a very good college offensive linemen. At the same time I watched as offensives doubled-teamed him on almost every play. What did I like and dislike? Let's look.

Offense: Gary plays tackle at the high school level. He will never play this position at the D-I level, he's a guard and should also learn to snap and become a center. He has a nice base and pulls almost every play from his right tackle position. When pulling he get to his spot and dominates his man. The only draw back I saw was Gary sometimes looses his feet. I see this from many high school linemen and I don't feel this is a major issue for Gary. Chardon doesn't really pass the ball and Gary isn't asked to do much pass blocking. It's a skill he will have to learn for the next level if he's on the offensive side of the ball. While Gary dominates, he still has some work to do with his hands at the offensive position. His hands go into a set position and don't do much else. Projection: Offensive Guard/Center

Defense: Gary plays the nose for the most part on Chardon's defense. He causes problems for the other team and they compensate by putting two linemen on him almost every play. He fills gaps fast and shows very good feet and strength from this side of the ball. At the next level he would have to gain some weight so the weight room must become his best friend. Gary takes up space and allows others to make the plays; while he's got some very good talent on this side of the ball I would project him as an offensive player.

PROJECTION: D-I - Gary will have to find a program that isn't looking for the proto type of height. He's between 6'2 - 6'3 at best. He's got some very good offensive line skills, but still has a way to go. I see a MAC or a lower level D-I program at best taking Gary.

D-IAA - This is were I really see Gary fitting in. He still has some work to do on his skills and would become a very solid linemen at this level. This level would allow him time to grow and become the player I feel he has a chance of becoming.

OVERVIEW: Gary is the better prospect between his teammate David White and himself. He's just a little taller, but shows more of the tools needed to have a chance of playing at the D-I level.

I want to thank Gary and David for helping me with their tape and information. We wish both players the best during the recruiting process.

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