Focus 2010: Cobbs Off to a Solid Start

The Tulsa area has really developed in to a hotbed for recruiting talent over the past couple of years, and the class of 2010 will not be a disappointment. One player that figures to haul in some good offers is Central star Demarco Cobbs, who has put up some big numbers.

Demarco Cobbs, a 6-foot-3, 190-pound athlete from Central High in Tulsa, Okla., has had some pretty big games in his first two games of the 2008 season.

"The season has been pretty good. We played Oklahoma City Northeast last weekend and we won 66-0. I am playing quarterback right now. I am not playing any defense, but when we play East Central I am going to line up at some receiver."

"Against Webster I rushed for three touchdowns and this past game I rushed for three, but they called one back, so I just rushed for two touchdowns."

Cobbs, who pays quarterback in high school, has already seen a good amount of time in the endzone.

"I think I will be playing wide receiver," Cobbs sais of his future position. "I think because of my size and my weight and just because I can go up and get the ball and jump."

Schools have already started to notice Cobbs' talents and he is starting to get mail from a variety of programs.

"I have got a letter from Auburn, Stanford, Texas Tech, UCLA, OSU (Oklahoma State), and I got one from Southern Missouri," Cobbs informed. "That just about wraps it up. I have gotten a bunch of letters, but they are mostly from the same school."

"In fact the letter from UCLA was hand written. It means a little more because it was hand written."

Cobbs also has an interest in a number of other historical programs that he has yet to hear from.

"One would be Texas, LSU, Oregon, Penn State, and Florida State," Cobbs said of the other schools that interest him.

"I like the tradition of those schools and their coaches. I read up a lot on those schools when I go on the Internet."

Oklahoma is also a school that Cobbs says that he is interested to hear more from.

"I am considering them," Cobbs explained. "I used to like them a lot, a lot back when Jason White was playing and stuff, so I am definitely always considering them." and will keep you up to date on the latest breaking news on DeMarco Cobbs.

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