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Player to Watch in 2016: Shymere Stroud - Academy Park - WR

Scout Penn Preps will be presenting player profiles throughout the month of August and all the way up until the official first game.


Scout Penn Preps has a chance to talk with Academy Park's Shymere Stroud  about his off-season and upcoming senior season.

SPP- What type of feedback have you received from college coaches as far as how they view you as a player?

STROUD: I've gotten a lot of feedback.  Coaches talked to me personally and told me about the little things to work on that will boost my game to the next level. I took all the advice and tips into consideration.  One tip was staying on top of my school work and another was not to keep my hands closed while breaking down in my routes.

SPP- What are some things that you did during the off-season to help you improve as a football player?

STROUD - I've turned into a whole new player. I've gotten way faster, stronger, smarter, more physical and more skilled. I don't think any defensive back will be able to stop me this year.

SPP - Are there any individual goals you've set for yourself for the 2016 season?

STROUD- I'll just save my goals to show you after this season is over. But, one is to win a state championship

SPP- What has the game of football meant to you and how has it affected you off the field?

STROUD - The game has meant so much to me. Its so fun and competitive. I wouldn't want to put my hard work and dedication in for any other sport. This is the game.

SPP - What are your plans career-wise outside of football? 

STROUD - I'm now interested in: sports science, sports medicine, business, becoming a sports agent and possibly acting.


We've had a chance to see Shymere Stroud on several occasions during the off-season.  Stroud looks like a totally different player than the one you'll find on his hudl highlight video. Stroud spent most of the off-season dominating the competition during 7v7's and various camps in the past couple of months.  Even though it's not "real" football, you can see that he has improved his route running and is able to make plays against some of the best defensive backs in northeast.  It would be a surprise if he wasn't used more in the passing game this season.  Stroud is definitely ready to take his game up another level this upcoming season. 

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