Shymere Stroud

Academy Park football athlete Shymere Stroud talks about his decision to go the JUCO route.

Before deciding to go to JUCO route, Academy Park's Shymere Stroud planned on playing Division II football in the PSAC Conference. Stroud talks about why his changed his mind and his future plans.

SCOUT PENN PREPS: At one point you were headed to Lock Haven University (Division II, Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference). What made you decide to choose to go the JUCO route and head to Lackawanna instead of Lock Haven?

STROUD: I felt as though if I went to the PSAC and played Division II football, I would have looked back in the long run and felt like I shorted myself. I felt as though I would regret going to Lock Haven. I made a lot of people believers in me during the past year. I barely got the ball more than five times in 11th grade. I didn't even score a touchdown and they counted me out.

I feel as though I have a lot to get off of my chest and I have to prove myself. This year I opened up some doors for myself and I barely even did anything. I'm a product of making something out of nothing. That's just how I came up.

SCOUT PENN PREPS: The high school you played for, Academy Park, is primarily a run-first team.  Do you feel like that limited your looks as a wide receiver from colleges at the next level?

STROUD: Definitely.  That's the main reason. I know that if I went to another school that passed more that I would have been able to really showcase my talent in the fullest way possible. I feel that I bring a lot to the table (as a wide receiver). I feel as though I blew up last year while I played on the 7v7 and camp circuit.  The problem was that I had no credentials going into those camps and tournaments. Some people just don't see what I see in myself and I am fine with that. Everybody becomes a believer at a point in time.

SCOUT PENN PREPS: How does Lackawanna view you as a football player?

 STROUD: The Lackawanna coaches, specifically Coach Grande and Coach Dooda, believe that I have what it takes. If they didn't then it (going to Lackawanna) wouldn't be an option. They made it clear to me what the junior college life is about and what it takes. I know what's needed and I know that I have to mentally and physically prepare. I know a lot of guys are going to go in thinking they are too good to work and perfect their craft, but not me.  I lift every other day in the morning at 6 o’clock. I also do speed training on the weekends. But overall, they think I can play and I have a shot. So I'm going to take that shot and push it as far as I can.

SCOUT PENN PREPS: Thank you for your time and we wish you the best of luck in your future.

STROUD: Thank you. I'm just trying to show the world something.

CLEEZY'S EXTRA POINTS: Stroud is one of many high school football players that play the position of wide receiver and play in an offense that emphasizes running the football. In many cases, players in that type of situation are unable to put up the numbers to gain attention of college coaches even though they may have the talent. Stroud is a player who tore up the 7v7 circuit last summer with Southeastern Pennsylvania based Delco Elite. Lackawanna is known for helping players get increased looks at the Division I level and that is something that is attractive to Stroud.





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