Darryle Simmons (Scout Penn Preps)

SPP takes a look at five prospects from the state of Pennsylvania.

Scout Penn Preps will be profiling five high school football prospects from Pennsylvania that we’ve had a chance to evaluate in-person.



SPP has been impressed in what they’ve seen out of Johnson since the end of the football season. Johnson has performed well in both 7v7 and camp settings over the past several weeks. Johnson was one of the top offensive performers for his Swag 7v7 team (PA) and had a good showing last week at the Nike Camp in New Jersey at the wide receiver position. His size makes him an intriguing prospect in the eyes of SPP. With his frame, you could bulk him up to become a tight end or an outside linebacker. Of course, Johnson’s first preference is to play the wide receiver position.


Marrone recently competed in the Nike Football Camp in New Jersey and finished as one of the top 6 linemen out of their group. Marrone is getting some FBS and FCS interest but has not received his first offer as of yet. Marrone more than held his own against some of the top linemen in the Northeast during the Nike Camp. With a good performance on the prospect camp circuit, Marrone should be able to land his first offer in the upcoming month



SPP had a chance to see Simmons in person three times (one time at 7v7 tournament and the other two times at Nike Camps in both D.C. and New Jersey). Simmons has been one of the top wide receivers at all three events that we’ve seen him at. Simmons’ speed and route-running ability has made him stand out as one of Pennsylvania’s top recruits ever since his sophomore year.


Young recently collected another offer from Kentucky this week. It’s his hard-hitting style and coverage ability that makes him one of the top safety prospects in the country. Young’s coverage skills were on display at last weekend’s Nike Camp in New Jersey. Proof of that is the fact that he earned the defensive back Most Valuable Player award at the camp. Young had multiple interceptions during the 1v1 and 7v7 sessions.


SPP has had an opportunity to view Wilk in game, 7v7 and camp situations. One thing is for certain: he is fearless and will compete against anybody. Wilk is also advanced as a defensive back from a technique standpoint. Wlik was one of the top defensive back performers at the Scout Penn Preps All-State Camp (Harrisburg, PA) back in February. He barely got edged out by a current junior. Wilk was named one of the top underclassmen (current 9th and 10th graders) defensive back performers at the Nike Camp in New Jersey. Wilk is only a freshman, but he has a football IQ well beyond his years.


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