2011 RB Cameren Jones Helps Undefeated CCES

Inside we go one on one with one of the state's most underrated players, 2011 Christ Church RB/S Cameren Jones. We give you the inside scoop with Jones as he's helped Christ Church to an 8-0 season so far. Check out another FREE article courtesy of SCPrepNation.com!

Cameren Jones Profile

Interview was conducted 2 weeks ago when the Cavaliers were 6-0 and Jones' stats are through those 6 games. CCES is now 8-0 on the season.

KF: You guys have gotten off to another huge start this season. Talk a little bit about the success you guys are enjoying as a team on the field.

CJ: I can honestly say every game we have fun, not because we are leading or always winning but because we have confidence in one another and trust one another to get the job done. In the 5th game against Carolina we were losing by 10 going into the second half and our team kept a positive attitude and stayed focused on the task at hand. Our team is not only a team on the field but we all look out for one another in school and on days where football isn't taking place. We are all brothers and we have our down times but we have more good than bad. The whole entire team is focused on one thing and that's winning state so every practice we go hard and put in 150% everyday.

KF: Talk a little bit about your best game so far this season. Who was it against, what kind of numbers did you post, and what made it so memorable?

CJ: My best game so far was against Southside Christian. My numbers were very good I had 9 carries for 174 yards, 4 touchdowns, 2 kick-off return attempts for 100 yards, 2 catches for 79 yards. It was a great game for me but none of it would have been possible without the amazing blocking I had from my line and my receivers. We all played hard and we didn't let the hype get to us from the following week with our big win over Carolina we humbled ourselves and stayed focused. This game meant the most to me because I had dedicated it to a friend of mine Ashton Arnold who was murdered last November by his step-father. He attended Hillcrest high school, we had grown up together and I always feel like he is watching over me to help lead me to success. He is my inspiration because his situation brought to my attention that not every day is not guaranteed so every time you have a chance to do something you love, do it to the best of your ability.

KF: What game has been the toughest for you so far? What made that such a tough game?

CJ: The toughest game was Carolina High School, they have a very talented defensive line and they made it difficult for me to get through the holes but my main concern that game was protecting my quarterback I didn't want him taking any unnecessary hits. I feel I'm expendable and that's my job to get hit and be the tough guy I can be replaced but it's hard to replace a talented quarterback like Hunter. The only thing that made that game extremely tough for me though was when I started cramping at the end of the second quarter, I sucked it up though and continued to play because I knew my team needed me and my size was needed to protect the QB and hit the holes with authority.

KF: What are your goals from a team perspective and a personal standpoint heading into the second half of the season?

CJ: I would say from a team stand point we all just want to stay focused and continue to work hard for the remainder of the season. I would say mine is just continue to do my job as a teammate and also get noticed so I can get a scholarship and make my coaches and my family proud.

KF: What games left on the schedule are you most looking forward to? Why?

CJ: I'm looking forward to every game honestly I just want to show what I'm capable of. I feel as if I have been looked past because I missed last season but I have worked hard and I will continue to work hard until I get my offer. I just love being out on the field and feeling free so every game is the last game for me because you never know what could happen.

KF: What would college coaches and our readers be surprised to know about you as far as awards/achievements athletic or academically and outside of school as well?

CJ: I'm working extremely hard as student and athlete. I'm doing everything in my power to keep all my grades up to par. I have a very good work ethic that I apply to school and football. I am very determined and ambitious in every aspect in life. Football is my passion and what I enjoy most out of anything. I also do poetry, I know it's a shocker but yes I do poetry and I'm also on the Poetry Slam Team for upstate South Carolina. I am also in the process of writing a book, my goal is to keep all options open. Of course I would love to play at a D1 school and who wouldn't but at the same time I have a greater passion for this game to where I just want to play. So I will continue to be patient but I have much to offer as a student an athlete and a person. I have humbled myself completely and come to an understanding that nothing is possible without a supportive foundation and God. All I need is a chance and I promise I will shock the world.

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