Updated 2011 Player Rankings Coming Soon

The class of 2011 is seeing their senior seasons rolling down the final stretch towards the playoffs. We've seen tons of games in person and on film from this season so we're ready to sit down and revise our SCPrepNation.com Class of 2011 Top Prospect Rankings. Inside you can find out where to send your film to possibly be included in our upcoming release of the state's top 2011 players.

Attention all coaches and prospects! We will be soon looking at all film, data, statistics, and game notes to start reviewing our SCPrepNation.com Top 60 2011 prospects soon. Please make sure that you have sent in your highlights or best games on DVD so that we can provide the most accurate assessment of the state's premier prospects available on the internet.

We've already started to break down early season film for many 2011 prospects but even though we travel to multiple games each week and receive a great deal of film from coaches we still want to give everybody their fair shake at being a part of the SCPrepNation.com Player Rankings. From the looks of things we'll be expanding the rankings to at least a Top 75 this time around after our March and June releases.

South Pointe DE Jadeveon Clowney will undoubtedly remain the number one prospect in the state as he's still number one in the nation according to Scout.com but how do prospects 2-60 unfold?

Send your DVDs to us at:

10 Pine Ridge Rd.
Lyman, SC 29365

Also be sure to include your basic information such as your height, weight, primary position, secondary position, season statistics, phone numbers, email address, and measurables in terms of testing like the fields below:

Bench press max:
Squat max:
Power clean max:
40 yard dash:
Pro shuttle:

We look forward to evaluating more film as we continue to lead the industry in recruiting news and film analysis of the state's top prospects.

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