WR Hakeem Flowers Suffers Big Scare

A scene that no football player or parent wants to see occurred during the Chester-Wade Hampton AAA playoff battle on Friday night. 2011 WR Hakeem Flowers of Wade Hampton suffered an injury which required him to be transported to the hospital after lying motionless for over 5 minutes. Come inside for more details.

During Wade Hampton's AAA playoff game against Chester 2011 WR Hakeem Flowers went down with an injury and remained motionless from the waist down for over 5 minutes.

Coaches reported that he said he could not feel his legs. After 15 minutes of stoppage Flowers was put onto a stretcher and put into an ambulance headed to the hospital. Flowers gave a thumbs up as he was taken into the ambulance.

Scout.com will have more on this breaking news so stay tuned.

UPDATE: We spoke with Flowers' father Tristan later on in the evening and he told us that Hakeem was given a CAT scan and everything was good to go and that he was being released as we spoke. We will speak with Flowers this weekend to talk about the play and a quick update on his recruitment as his squad lost 33-28 to Chester knocking them out of the AAA playoffs.

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