1on1 With Bamberg DT David Deleon

There's no secret that the 2012 class at Bamberg-Ehrhardt is loaded. With offers coming in almost daily it seems for prospects at BEHS we caught up with one of their talented prospects in DT David Deleon. The has already compiled an extremely impressive list of offers and we went one on one with Deleon who recently helped BEHS win a state championship in another sport.

David Deleon Profile

The scholarship offers have come in early and often for 2012 DT David Deleon. Many schools have come by initially to check in on his teammate DE/DT Martin Aiken but end up offering both of the Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School standouts after seeing them and checking out their highlight film. We sat down with Deleon to talk about his recruitment, junior season, and what he'll be weighing the most when it comes time to make a decision for college in this one on one session courtesy of SCPrepNation.com.

Right off the top we asked Deleon if the sudden surge of scholarship offers came as a surprise to him.

"Yes. I'm very surprised, my coach told me that they would come in fast, but not this fast," Deleon said.

Deleon says that right now he feels like Illinois, Wake Forest, Tennessee, and Texas Tech are recruiting him the hardest. He also told us that if he had to name an early current Top 5 list it would be Texas Tech, Wake Forest, Illinois, Tennessee, and Colorado.

Obviously with so many offers coming in and his junior highlight reel consisting of so many outstanding plays Deleon has the talent that college coaches are loving. The 2012 standout says one thing in particular has helped him to be so productive.

"My biggest strength would be that I can imagine the play before it happens. I've been doing this ever since I was little. Last year I had 89 tackles, 28 tackles for loss, and 7 sacks."

David Deleon
David Deleon holds 8 offers currently.

Looking back at this past season one game in particular Deleon says stood out for him even surprising himself.

"I believe my best game was the Hardeeville game. I had like 15 tackles and 2 sacks, that was the team that challenged me the most because they have a great offensive line. They were basically very big up front. It was memorable because I never thought I would put numbers up like that."

One player in particular stood out to Deleon as presenting him the toughest matchup all season and he talked about who and why.

"Number 70 from C.E Murray, Sabian Felder. He was about 6'2 290 pounds, and he was strong and fast."

This coming Spring Deleon says he's hoping to make some visits and will continue to hone his craft in order to prepare for his senior season.

"I plan on going to Tennessee, Illinois, and Texas Tech."

"I will work a lot on my footwork mostly this offseason to be even better next year."

After mentioning that he'll continue to work on his footwork we asked Deleon about one of his latest achievements as he helped Bamberg-Ehrhardt secure a state title in wrestling recently.

"Yes sir, we won the state title. I believe I was 27-10. Wrestling will work you to your breaking point, but it also helped me with my footwork a lot."

Given the fact that he and Martin Aiken share quite a few of the same scholarship offers has the duo thought about or talked about playing together on the college level possibly?

"Yes sir."

Deleon talked about what aspects he'll weigh heavily when considering a college and what his plans are for as of right now as to when he'll make a decision.

"Education is the most important to me right now, but it would be a bonus to get early playing time too. I plan on waiting until Signing Day to make a decision."

Stay tuned to SCPrepNation.com as we'll bring you the very latest regarding David Deleon and other top prospects here in the Palmetto State.

Bench press: 360 pounds
Squat: 450 pounds
Power clean: 355 pounds
Fastest 40 time: 4.9 seconds

One thing that most people would be surprised to know about me: "I've been playing this beautiful sport of football since I was 6 years old. I never complained when I got knocked out because I knew I would get them on the next play."

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