1on1 With Goose Creek's Gerald Turner

Goose Creek had a superb season last year and one player who helped make it a season to remember was 2013 LB/DE Gerald Turner. The talented prospect already holds one SEC offer and has more schools giving chase currently. Inside Turner talks the very latest as to what his plans are this off season, what he's looking for in a college, and what his goals are for his upcoming junior season.

Gerald Turner Profile

One thing Gerald Turner admitted to us was that, "I am a shy person." The 2013 Goose Creek LB/DE let's his play on the field do the talking for him and that side of Turner is anything but shy. On a team loaded with playmakers the sophomore sensation showed so much talent that one SEC program has already stepped up and offered him.

"It feels good to have a big offer (South Carolina) already but I mean I know I have to keep working hard. I have to keep getting stronger and better each season so I can get plenty more big ones."

Right now Turner says South Carolina, Clemson, and Georgia Tech show him the most interest but there's tons of other schools showering him with mail on a regular basis. Turner talked about where things stand and what he likes so far about the Gamecocks since they have offered him already.

"USC and Clemson are recruiting me the hardest right now. I think Georgia Tech and Clemson will probably be the next schools to offer me. As for Carolina, I really like their coaching staff and the way they coach."

Last season was Turner's coming out party and he shared with us his numbers from last year.

"I finished the season with 40 solo tackles mostly at defensive end and 18 assists. I also had 2 or 3 forced fumbles, 2 interceptions, 3 touchdowns, 2 fumble recoveries for touchdowns."

One playoff matchup gave Turner the best game of his season he says.

"My best game was against Easley. I had 14 solo tackles and 2 sacks and 1 touchdown. I got player of the game."

Last year Goose Creek saw a number of talented opponents but none compared to one offensive standout Turner said.

"D'Angelo Henderson from Summerville, because he knows how to hit the hole hard and he has good foot work and cuts real well."

Turner says that most schools are recruiting him at either linebacker or defensive end currently. The plan for next season is for him to see action primarily at defensive end. He talked about his thoughts moving to the line next season.

"It shouldn't be that hard I played defensive end my freshman year and I had a great season. Then my sophomore year I played both linebacker and defensive end. Now I am going back to end the only thing is just getting back to coming out of the stance and using my hands a lot more than I did at linebacker."

This off season Turner says he'll work hard on improving his first step coming off the edge of the line. There are some areas of his game that he feels give him an advantage over his opponents at this point.

"My speed is my biggest strength right now. That and my size."

Looking ahead to his junior season Turner says he's set lofty expectations upon himself and his team.

"My goals for the team are to go 15-0 and win the state title. My main personal goal is to have two sacks a game. Some of my other goals are to make All-State and have at least 40 to 50 tackles at defensive end."

Turner was quick to tell us what factors will be most important for him when choosing a college.

"The most important ones to me would be location of the school, the education they provide for me, and the atmosphere."

Although he's shy Turner says he'll continue to let his play do the talking for the most part. If he continues on the path he's blazed so far it will speak volumes.

Bench press: 310 pounds
Squat: 460 pounds
Power clean: 310 pounds
Fastest 40 time: 4.56 seconds
Pro shuttle: 4.53 seconds
Vertical: 30 inches

Favorite food: Chicken and Pizza
Favorite subject in school: Math
Favorite thing to do when not playing football: Hanging out with friends and buying clothes and shoes
Dream college: Don't have one, just want to make it to a big school


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