Signee Update: Berea ATH DaRon Dickey

2011 Berea QB/ATH DaRon Dickey is headed to Presbyterian to play his college ball. As part of's "Signee Update" series we caught up with Dickey to talk about his off season and plans before he moves to Clinton to suit up for the Blue Hose. Recently graduated and ready for college Dickey offers up some keen advice for rising prospects who hope to play college sports as well.

DaRon Dickey Profile

DaRon Dickey helped lead Berea to the playoffs and one of their finest seasons in a long time this past season. He picked up some offers along the way due to his talents and ultimately he decided that Presbyterian was the place he wanted to continue his education and football career. We caught up with Dickey for an update on the very latest before he hits the road for Clinton where he'll play for the Blue Hose.

"I will be going down a couple times a week during the summer to get acclimated with the school, facilities, and teammates but I won't start classes until August."

To prepare himself for the next level Dickey has already been on a regular routine provided by his coaches.

"I've been running, I can't go into camp without being in shape. I've also been using the workout they have given me but I'm trying to maintain my weight and get faster because I'm making a position change at PC."

"I'm moving to Bandit(SS/OLB), it's different than what I was used to at Berea but I take everything in stride. I'm an athlete, I'll make a way for it to work."

Being that he helped the Bulldogs to a tremendous season Dickey reflected back on it when we asked him if he had a moment from his senior season that he will always remember.

"Those memories can be summed up into one moment, with a brotherhood like that everything that goes on is something to remember. Suiting up with those guys was an honor & I will never forget it. The brotherhood, and the family atmosphere that makes up Bulldog Nation. It's like no other."

So what goals has Dickey set for himself during his freshman season?

"To win the Big South championship. Whatever that takes. But personally I have a few schools on the schedule now that we will hopefully see in the playoffs that I would love to take out."

Dickey says he still has yet to find out who he'll be rooming with at Presbyterian. He will however be leaving behind a younger brother at home named Dorien who he and the Berea coaching staff have big hopes for.

"He's a rising freshman and should become a staple in the Berea secondary for the next four years. He'll be better than I ever was, he has no choice. He's been through the ups and downs of everything that comes with high school ball right along with me so he shouldn't be surprised by anything."

What else has little brother learned from DaRon?

"Perseverance. In the game of football something bad will always happen, recovering and responding to those things separates all athletes on the field."

Mentoring and being a role model for his younger brother DaRon also had some advice for all rising prospects who one day hope to play sports in college.

"STUDY. STUDY. STUDY. Don't overlook anybody! Pray because the process gets stressful for anybody going through it, regardless of what division is doing the recruiting. Become a student of the game, it shows on the field."

Those words boded well when we asked what Dickey plans on majoring in when he gets to PC.

"Education. Coaching is my calling. I'll have on a headset one day making the calls that my coaches are making now."

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