Signee Update: S Pat Martin's "Signee Update" series rolls on and this time we check in with former J.L. Mann safety standout Pat Martin. The 2011 prospect is already in Knoxville with his Tennessee teammates and adjusting to college life. Come inside with to get all the inside scoop.

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While many of his peers are enjoying their summer vacations and preparing for college life, 2011 J.L. Mann safety Pat Martin is already in the midst of getting accustomed to being a college student at the University of Tennessee. We caught up with Martin on Saturday to talk about it all in our latest "Signee Update" with another top 2011 prospect.

"Yeah I've been here a while already. I left Greenville on June 5th." Martin told us.

So how has the adjustment gone for Martin leaving the high school life behind and getting acclimated to life in Knoxville?

"It i'snt as hard you think. You just have to have your priorities straight."

In making that adjustment Martin has learned firsthand what it means to be in a big time college football program as well.

"I'm just getting faster, more in shape, and getting stronger."

Although the adjustment hasn't been tough on many fronts for him leaving home there is one person who he says he misses dearly being away from Greenville as well as some of his friends.

"I miss hanging with my boys at J.L. Mann a lot but I miss my daughter the most."

Martin says he doesn't have a roommate and is living alone for now in Knoxville and he offered some advice for young prospects who aspire to play on the college level.

"I'd tell them, just don't listen to haters and just do you. Work hard and keep God first no matter what cause he'll lead you in the right direction."

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