2012 Positional Rankings: Tackles

Continuing to break down the top prospects in the 2012 class and this time we evaluate the prospects at the tackle position. Things are pretty close at the top of the rankings with Javarius Leamon, Oliver Jones, and Jonathan McLaughlin. So who's the top tackle in the state? Come inside to find out.

We're at it again with our 2012 positional rankings. School is out and prospects are hitting the camp and combine circuit hard. We've been at multiple camps and combines, watched tons of film, gathered plenty of information, and talked with other Scout.com colleagues to comprise our early summer player rankings. Come August we'll be ready to reassess the rankings and making any necessary changes. This time we'll break down the top offensive tackles we've got on our board.

1. Javarius Leamon- We love Leamon's upside. He's got long arms and has pretty good footwork for a prospect his size. He can easily add 20 or so "good" pounds to his frame with no problem for the next level.

2. Oliver Jones- Jones obviously has the physical tools at 6'6 284 pounds. Should he pick up where he left off during his sophomore season after sitting out his junior season Leamon will be fighting Jones off come August in the rankings. Still hasn't been cleared yet to go we've heard but he's raring to get back on the field to show more coaches that he's the truth. Currently rated 3-stars I expect he and Leamon both to potentially be 4-star prospects before they're done.

3. Jonathan McLaughlin- Here's a youngster who has worked hard and is currently rated a 3-star prospect. Going from a relative unknown to his current status shows his drive to succeed. He's got good size and moves well for his size. We'd like to see him add more of a mean streak to his game on the field and work on consistency to become a better player.

4. Caleb Smith- Smith is a sleeper we're extremely high on. Currently rated a 2-star prospect, Smith has the tools to be a good tackle or even move to defensive tackle on the next level. Smith has a motor that doesn't stop and a mean streak to boot. His upside very well could land him another star and definitely additional offers before he's done once more coaches get a look at him.

5. JaVontey Stewart- Stewart has been hitting the camp circuit hard and he picked up his first offer this past week. A number of schools are taking a long hard look at the 6'4 300 pound prospect. Picked up his first offer this past week. Would like to see him work on his conditioning.

6. Ronald Johnson- Johnson has the size, athleticism, and long arms that we like. We've heard reports that he received a FBS offer but we haven't been able to confirm it as of yet.

7. Ryan Raley- Raley has good size and is surprisingly mobile at 6'3 310 pounds. Has FCS offers early on and if he camps with more schools I wouldn't be surprised to see him land more offers and move up the list a few spots.

8. Brian Craig- Craig like his teammate has good size and is very mobile at 6'3 290 pounds. The duo in fact moves like players who are in the 220 pound range. Craig very well could grab some offers and make a move on the list soon too.

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