HOT SEAT: 2013 CB Chocolate Wilson

The Pee Dee area continues to pump out talent each recruiting cycle and one of the powerhouse programs in the area, Myrtle Beach High School, is at it again. Everett Golson did it big, now it's Tyler Knox's turn, and already 2013 cornerback Chocolate Wilson is making waves on the recruiting front. sat down with Wilson and put him on the "HOT SEAT" in this exclusive 1 on 1 interview.

Chocolate Wilson Profile

D'Andre Chocolate Wilson has emerged as one of the top prospects in South Carolina for the 2013 recruiting class. caught up with Wilson for an update on where things stand with his recruitment as he's already landed one offer from the Big Ten conference. Cornerback Chocolate Wilson is the first prospect to be featured in's newest series, "HOT SEAT".

KF: What kind of stats did you put up last season?
CW: I had 50 tackles and 4 interceptions.

KF: Tell us a little bit about your best game last season.
CW: My best game was when we played in the state championship against South Pointe. I only had an interception in that game late during the fourth quarter. It was memorable for me, because I went into game with out expecting any INT or tackles . The only thing that was on my mind is winning.

KF: Who's somebody you thought was your toughest matchup last season?
CW: Really I haven't came across anybody last year. But I plan on sticking Akia Booker from Byrnes this year when we play them. He's a good wide receiver for me to stick.

KF: What are your goals for next season for the team and on a personal level?
CW: My number one goal for this upcoming season is try to make another run for a state championship with my team. My personal goal is to get at least 10 interceptions this year.

KF: What schools are you hearing from currently?
CW: Purdue, South Carolina, Clemson, North Carolina State, Alabama, and Florida.

KF: Out of those schools which ones are recruiting you the hardest right now?
CW: Purdue and South Carolina.

KF: You've already been offered by Purdue, how does it feel to already have an offer?
CW: It feels exciting to have an offer, but at the same time I still have to work to do.

KF: What other schools out there are you wanting to hear more from in the near future?
CW: I want to hear more from Ohio State, Florida State, Notre Dame, and Georgia.

KF: Seeing guys like Everett Golson and Tyler Knox blow up does it motivate you to work harder to be the next big time prospect out of Myrtle Beach?
CW: Yes seeing guys like Everett Golson and Tyler Knox motivates me a lot. Seeing my former teammate now at Notre Dame and my other teammate with a lot of offers, makes me hungry. If they can do it, I can, and a lot of work comes behind it.

KF: We know it's still early in the recruiting process for you, do you have an idea of what you'll be looking at the most when looking potential colleges?
CW: I'll base it on the coaching staff, early playing time, and the atmosphere.

KF: Being a top cornerback do you pattern your game after anybody else?
CW: Yes I try to pattern my game after Joe Haden and Patrick Peterson.

KF: Let's talk numbers, give us your maxes or best in the following. Bench press?
CW: 230 pounds.

KF: Squat?
CW: 300 pounds.

KF: Power clean?
CW: 205 pounds.

KF: 40 yard dash?
CW: 4.5 seconds.

KF: Pro shuttle?
CW: That I haven't done yet.

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