UP NEXT: 2013 S Desmond Beasley-Jones

The 2013 class has a number of safeties with high major interest early on in South Carolina. Add another name to that list in Desmond Beasley-Jones. The 5'11 190 pound Laurens High prospect has been a starter on the varsity level since his freshman season. Come inside with SCPrepNation.com as Beasley-Jones is "UP NEXT"!

Desmond Beasley-Jones Profile

There's already a pair of 2013 safeties here in South Carolina with high major interest early on in the recruiting process. Desmond Beasley-Jones is another name you'll want to add to that list. The Laurens High safety/linebacker prospect has been a starter for Laurens since his freshman season and after a succesful sophomore campaign he's the latest prospect to be featured in our "UP NEXT" series.

Schools have not really started to actively recruit Beasley-Jones yet but once his film starts to circulate and his junior season gets underway we expect that to change in a hurry. The 5'11 190 pound prospect lines up mostly at linebacker and safety for the Raiders and he brings a rugged mentality to the field. After watching his highlight tape he's got quite a few bone-jarring tackles that grab your attention.

"I'm not really hearing from a lot of schools yet but I know that Wofford is interested," the 2013 prospect said.

One school that the Laurens prospect has seen up close and personal resides in the ACC.

"Georgia Tech is the only camp I have been to so far. The school is pretty small, there's not that much walking, I like how they do things up there too. They not only think about football but also think about the students' grades on their team too."

Multiple aspects of Beasley-Jones game stick out to us but we asked him where he thinks his bread and butter is at right now he replied, "My biggest strengths on the field are getting off the block, making tackles, and my speed. My speed is good, I think that's what helps me get through every game."

This off season he says has that he's been doing a lot of work on his hips and foot work to try and improve during his junior season. He says 7 on 7 play with his teammates has also been very beneficial from his point of view in more ways than one.

"I can see already that 7 on 7 has been good for us. It brings me and my teammates together as one. We all have problems on things that we can work on together. I think things have changed since it has started we all take lessons on it from the day after."

One rivalry game in particular is already etched into his mind heading into the season he says.

"The biggest game I can say is going to be the Clinton game. Every year it is packed and has been every year growing up for me."

The 2013 prospect already has a general idea of what he'd like to feel with potential schools and shared those thoughts with us.

"When I go out and look for colleges I wanna be like I am at home. I want to feel wanted, have a good way of living, and make sure thay have classes that will fit me and what I want do in my future."

The 2013 prospect currently reports a 3.0 GPA and says he has yet to take the SAT or ACT but intends on doing so this year.

Beasley-Jones talked about his favorite players and how he patterns his game after theirs.

"Von Miller is his my favorite player. I try to pattern my game after Ed Reed though. They want it all and will do anything to get the ball. Yea I try to base my game on them."

SCPrepNation.com will have more updates and sophomore season highlights of Desmond Beasley-Jones soon so stay tuned right here!

Bench press: 285 pounds
Squat: 395 pounds
Fastest 40: 4.5 seconds
Pro shuttle: 4.46 seconds

Favorite food: Chicken
Favorite music artist: Lil B
Favorite movie: Hangover 2
Favorite subject in school: English
Favorite thing to do when not playing football: play the game
Dream date would be with: Toya
Would you rather make a bone jarring tackle causing a fumble or make a slick interception? Slick interception

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