Intro: 2012 Hilton Head LB/RB Phillip Harris

Although his nickname is "Pee-Wee" 2012 Hilton Head LB/RB Phillip Harris has grown into a 6'2 210 pound playmaker on the football field. Blessed with great athleticism Harris has lined up over 10 different positions for his squad over the years. The 2012 standout is starting to generate a buzz for himself having won a combine MVP this summer and we give you the inside scoop here first with him!

Phillip Harris Profile

Hilton Head Island's Phillip "Pee-Wee" Harris just wants to play football. The 2012 prospect is a player who has seen minutes lined up all over the field for his old school, Hardeeville, last year. As one of the state's most versatile prospects we sat down with Harris for an exclusive one on one.

Not one to complain Harris has seen action on both sides of the ball, in the backfield on both sides, on the line on both sides, and also in at linebacker during his career at Hardeeville. Transferring to Hilton Head Island now Harris talked about his time at his old school.

"I've played at running back, quarterback, tight end, wide receiver, fullback, offensive tackle, defensive tackle, defensive end, outside linebacker, middle linebacker, cornerback, safety, and defensive guard."

That's right thirteen positions in all. Having seen action in so many spots he recalled his junior season stats for us.

"Last year I had 34 carries for 560 yards and 6 touchdowns. At quarterback I was 8-11 for 260 passing yards and 4 touchdowns. On defense I had 54 tackles, 6 tackles for a loss, and 3 fumble recoveries."

Harris made it to one camp this summer but he fared well there.

"I went to the NUC combine and won RB MVP award. Then I got invited to the southeast showcase for the NUC U100 Camp. There I finished in the top 50 athletes in my class and got invited to Oklahoma for the Top Prospect Camp. Unfortunately I didn't go though because of family problems."

With his name still fairly new to the recruiting world some schools have already shown an early interest in Harris. He recalled some of the schools he's hearing from currently.

"I'm hearing from North Carolina Central, North Carolina A&T, Newberry College, South Carolina State, Liberty University, Presbyterian College, Alabama State, Samford University, Youngstown State, and Occidental College."

Having played so many different positions we asked Harris if he had a preference as to where he plays on the next level?

"Basically, I just wanna play football. It doesn't matter what position or what side of the ball I play on. Where ever the coach feels where I need to play, then I'm gonna give 110% at that position."

Harris has seen success on the field and he continues to strengthen his overall game. He talked about where he felt his current strengths are on the field.

"I feel that my biggest strengths on the field right now are my ability to run the ball with power and my arm strength. I also feel that my size is a plus for me this year on defense. My height will allow me to see over the line and scan the field. That will make me a better linebacker."

This off season he says he's been keying on improving his speed and flexibility. Hip movement and also core strength are other key areas that he's made it a point to focus on.

Last season Harris was named Most Dedicated in the weightroom and was named honorable mention All-Region.

Harris and his former Hardeeville teammates played a tough schedule and last year he says one game in particular stands out as his best while another game provided him with his toughest challenge.

"The best game I believe I had last season was against Allendale-Fairfax. I didn't really have much stats that game but it was a fun and intense game. It was my first time ever playing defensive guard and I did very well. I fired off the line, made 3 sacks, blocked a pass, forced a fumble, and had 6 tackles for a loss. I was in the back field every play. That was my most memorable game."

"The toughest team I faced last season, in my opinion was Bamberg-Ehrhardt. Playing against Martin Aiken, David Deleon, Demetrius Williams and other top D1 prospects made the game really challenging. I enjoyed playing them though. It was a game that made me see the talent other kids my age have and how much harder I have to work to get to the top like them."

Williams he says was the toughest player he faced a season ago due to "quickness and elusiveness".

Being that Harris transferred from Hardeeville to Hilton Head he's already got one date circled on the schedule he says.

"I'm looking forward to playing Hardeeville High basically because I just transferred from that school to Hilton Head Island High School and I'm ready to see how it feels to play against the guys I grew up playing football with."

Hoping to attract more attention this coming season Harris had a lot to say to potential college coaches who want a sense of how much he wants to play college football and is dedicated to doing the necessary work to make that dream a reality.

"College coaches should know that I'm a good hardworking kid who won't slack off on them and myself. They should know that I'm gonna go hard on every play like its the last. They should know that I'm gonna push myself to become better and I'm gonna get the job done and make them and their school proud."

Harris currently reports a 2.75 GPA and a 17 on the ACT.

Stay tuned to as we'll have more updates throughout the season with Hilton Head's Phillip "Pee-Wee" Harris.

Bench press: 335 pounds
Squat: 475 pounds
Power clean: 315 pounds
Fastest 40: 4.57 seconds
Pro shuttle: 4.38 seconds

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