2013 PG D.J. Brooks Talks 1st Offer

We've seen 2013 Hillcrest point guard D.J. Brooks' stock rise over the past few months firsthand. His hard work and efforts on the travel circuit have landed him his first scholarship offer. ACC and SEC schools are making early evaluations of Brooks too. Come inside as we talked with Brooks about his first offer and more, right here on SCPrepNation.com.

D.J. Brooks Profile

Always the competitor 2013 Hillcrest point guard D.J. Brooks is looking for a pickup game. Busy with the AAU circuit Brooks still tries to locate a gym where he can find a chance to work on his craft and play against good competition. Brooks had been frequenting Furman University to play pickup games with many of the Paladins' players. Already on their radar Brooks landed his first offer from the Southern Conference program.

"It feels great to get my first offer, it makes we want to work even more. I'm just thankful for it and ready for more."

Brooks credits his time playing with college players as being helpful for the development and rise of his game on the court.

"For about 3 months I've been playing pickup ball with their guys so that's been helping me with my game."

The 2013 prospect already knows a good bit about the Paladins' program and he shared with us what he likes best about the Southern Conference school.

"I like their facilities, they are real professional, and nice. Also the education there is very strong which is important."

Brooks' stock has taken flight in recent months and the Paladins are the first to offer him but he says a couple of other schools have really stepped up their efforts in regards to recruiting him.

"Virginia Tech and VCU."

This AAU season Brooks and his Carolina Raptors Elite squad impressed a number of college coaches and he talked about their success on the summer circuit.

"We've been playing well. We could have done better but I'm proud of my team and how we've grown as a team."

Brooks also talked about areas of emphasis that he'll work on strengthening this year.

"Well I know junior year is your most important so I will be working on my jump shot. Nothing is wrong with it I just want it to be more consistent. I will also continue to work on my quickness, strength, and defense."

Having secured his first offer from Furman Brooks says he's highly motivated to continue to elevate his game further in order to see what other offers he may be able to land during the next two years.

"Yes it most certainly does. It's a great feeling to know you are wanted in a program so yes I am motivated to work harder for even more offers."

The Hillcrest prospect was supposed to attend Charlotte's elite camp in June but instead went to camp with VCU. He says he's already rescheduled to attend Charlotte's other elite camp later this month though.

Georgia is another program who has been keeping close tabs on Brooks early on and he talked about his most recent conversation with the Bulldogs' staff.

"I talked to them before I left for Florida and they attended all my games so I know they are still interested in me."

Stay tuned to SCPrepNation.com as we'll have more with D.J. Brooks as he continues to ascend up the 2013 prospect rankings here in South Carolina and the southeast region.

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