Q&A With 2013 Dillon C Bryce King

At 6'4 288 pounds center Bryce King already has a college ready frame and some ACC and SEC schools have already verbally offered the 2013 prospect as he's one of the state's best in the 2013 class. Scout.com sat down with King to talk about the very latest as well as his first game of his junior season inside.

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Q&A with 2013 C BRYCE KING

KF: What schools are you hearing from right now?
BK: Clemson, South Carolina, LSU, and Tennessee.

KF: Out of those which ones are recruiting you the hardest?
BK: All four of them are recruiting me pretty hard.

KF: What offers do you have right now?
BK: Clemson, South Carolina, and LSU right now.

Are there any schools that you feel may be close to offering you soon?
BK: Tennessee.

KF: What are your goals for your junior season on a team and personal level?
BK: My goal for the season is to go undefeated, and make it back to the state championship.

KF: Who is the toughest defensive lineman you've faced since you've been playing for Dillon? What made him so tough?
BK: The toughest defensive lineman I have faced would have to be Phillip Dukes. He was strong and fast.

KF What's your max on the bench press?
BK: 285 pounds.

KF: Squat?
BK: 405 pounds.

KF: Power clean?
BK: 315 pounds.

KF: What game on the schedule are you most looking forward to and why?
BK: I would have to say the game im looking foward to would have to be against Malboro County. When we play them it is always a tough game, and shows what we need to work on to get better as a team.

KF: What college visits or games do you plan on making this season?
BK: I'm not sure if we are going anywhere or not yet.

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