2013 DT Devontay Moore Plays His Heart Out

Losing someone close to you is always tough and it's something that 2013 Allendale-Fairfax defensive tackle Devontay Moore is dealing with. Moore lost his grandmother recently and decided to play on Friday night to help honor her memory. His night was a memorable one as he enjoyed a big time performance for his squad and ultimately his grandmother.

Devontay Moore Profile

Not that he needed any additional motivation but 2013 Allendale-Fairfax defensive tackle Devontay Moore went out Friday night with a heavy heart. Moore's grandmother passed away recently and he went out and had an impressive game in her memory.

"I had a great game last night. I had 17 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery, and 11 tackles for a loss," Moore told us.

Allendale-Fairfax defeated Ridgeland 44-21 on Friday night.

The 2013 prospect will lay his grandmother to rest on Saturday afternoon.

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