Yellow Jackets Buzz 2013 S Beasley-Jones

One of the hardest hitting safeties in the 2013 class here in South Carolina, Desmond Beasley-Jones of Laurens High is sitting out with a torn ACL this season. One ACC school has been consistent showing plenty of interest in the playmaker who had a strong sophomore season before getting injured.

Desmond Beasley-Jones Profile

Although he's sitting out his junior year with a torn ACL 2013 Laurens High safety Desmond Beasley-Jones is still hearing from colleges. His sophomore stats and film are starting to circulate and people are realizing he's got the talent to be a playmaker on the next level. One ACC school continues to let him know that they are strong with their interest in him.

"I got a letter from Georgia Tech. They were just telling me that they consider me a D1 prospect and sent me a lot of info. I had went to their camp before I got hurt and they liked me," Beasley-Jones said.

Missing his entire junior season has been anything but easy for the 2013 prospect. He talked about that and the rehab process.

"It's really hard but sometimes you gotta teach others and also learn from what you're teaching. Rehab is going good. I'll be walking soon. I know that next year I've gotta blow up!"

Beasley-Jones says the Raiders record is 5-3 currently. We'll have more updates with Beasley-Jones so stay tuned to for more!

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