State Playoffs Pick'em Results subscriber Randall Goodwin made his selections known last week concerning the remaining playoff games. He wasn't perfect but fared pretty well all things considered. Come inside to see how well our guest "pick'em expert" did.

Last week subscriber Randall Goodwin had 12 games to pick winners for in the South Carolina High School playoffs. When the dust settled Friday night Goodwin showed he's got a good grasp on picking games finishing up 10-2 for the week.

Check out what Goodwin had to say after picking 10 games correctly out of 12 below:

"Was I surprised by the two games I picked wrong? One of them, yes. The other, no. I picked Silver Bluff over Bishop England due to fact that I thought Cordrea Tankersley would find a way to will them to a win. My hats go off to Bishop England for proving me wrong!"

"The Timberland over Dillon game really surprised me though. Dillon has been dominant all season and Timberland came in as a #5 seed and shocked a lot of people, including myself. I didn't see that one coming at all!"

"The rest of the games I felt pretty comfortable with although I thought York would give South Pointe a tougher game. Regardless I guess I can walk around without hanging my head. Thanks again to Kerry Fair for allowing me to share my love of South Carolina high school football with you all. Good luck to all the teams who were victorious, especially Abbeville and Christ Church who won state titles in the 1A classification. Hopefully Kerry will allow me to do this again in the near future!"

Randall Goodwin

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