2013 Intro: Gaffney OL Kerry Williams

Although they didn't win the state championship last weekend Kerry Williams and the Gaffney Indians were easily one of the most dominant teams the state has seen in the past decade. Williams, a junior tackle, has already started hearing from a couple of schools and he's hoping to have a strong off season in order to start generating more interest.

Kerry Williams Profile

The Gaffney Indians punished opponents all during the season and found themselves rated as high as #3 in the nation according to some prep polls. They ran into a Byrnes squad who they thoroughly beat earlier in the season but was primed and ready for the rematch in the state championship and the Indians saw their dream season crumble losing 31-24.

One player who held his own for the Indians by being versatile and flexible for his squad was offensive tackle Kerry Williams. Initially Williams was the starting right tackle for the Indians but after a player was out Williams moved over the left tackle position and had to learn the nuances of that position. It's a move that the junior prospect says definitely helped him to become a well rounded lineman.

Williams says he and the Indians were "living the dream" prior to the loss in the state championship game and that playing with his dominant squad was "definitely a very fun experience."

The bad news for opponents is that Williams will be back bigger and better again next year when he's a senior to try and complete the dream season for the Indians.

Another rivalry game stood out to Williams as his best performance of the season.

"My best game was against Dorman in the playoffs when I graded out at a 86%, had 6 pancakes, and 3 knockdowns. It was memorable for me because I had injured my right knee again and still went back out there and gave it my all for my team."

Another opponent Williams says provided the toughest individual challenge of the season.

"The Oden dude from Spartanburg High because he would make a inside move before he came off the ball but later in the game I caught on to it and stopped it."

Williams makes no bones about where his strengths and areas for improvement are as a lineman.

"My biggest strengths are locking on and driving. I need to improve on not setting too wide to the outside on passing plays."

A pair of in-state schools have already started contacting Williams and he also talked about what other schools he's hoping to hear from soon.

"I've already heard from Clemson and Furman. I'd like to hear from South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, and Ohio State."

As mentioned before Williams moved from the right tackle spot over to the left side during the middle of the season. The experience was daunting at first but he embraced the chance to learn a different position and it's made him a better prospect because of it.

"At first i was like they were taking me out of my comfort zone but ever since they moved me to left tackle I have been dominating and figuring out how important the left tackle position is."

The 2013 prospect says he plans on attending camps at South Carolina, Clemson University, and Wake Forest this off season. He'll pay close attention to the quality of education, conference strength, and style of play each program offers when evaluating colleges.

Williams reports a 3.88 overall GPA and a 3.5 core GPA.

SCPrepNation.com will bring you more with Williams as his recruitment starts to pick up.

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