Nicholas Halmon Plenty Of Interest & 2 Offers

2013 cornerback Nicholas Halmon has 2 offers already and is hoping to land more in the near future. Hitting the camp and combine circuit hard the 5'10 179 pound prospect had a solid junior season and is hoping to put together a strong off season heading into his senior year. Come inside as we bring you the very latest with the Bamberg-Ehrhardt High standout.

Nicholas Halmon Profile

His junior season was a success statistically but 2013 cornerback Nicholas Halmon isn't satisfied. He's already got a pair of offers but he's eager to continue to press on to land even more.

"My stats this year were 112 tackles, 16 tackles for loss, 14 pass break ups, and 1 interception."

Considering he lined up at linebacker as a freshman, safety primarily as a sophomore and junior, and will now primarily be recruited as a cornerback Halmon has evolved with those changes. The move from safety to cornerback has been a good one for him but he feels comfortable at either position.

"Yes I feel comfortable at both cornerback and safety. A lot of colleges are recruiting me to play cornerback and some are recruiting me to play safety."

Will what position he's asked to play be a factor in his decision making thought process?

"No it does not matter which position I play. I just want to make an impact at whatever college I attend."

Asked what aspect of his game has improved the most since the end of his sophomore season up to this point Halmon quickly responded.

"The part of my game I've most improved on the most are my ball skills. I was pretty good at everything but I just had to work a little bit on that. But it's great now."

Halmon's number were indeed impressive this past season. That progression and improved play he says is helping him to reach his goals.

"I was very satisfied with my play last year. I accomplished a lot and became a better player at cornerback towards getting prepared for college."

"My best game this year was against Ridgeland, one of our biggest rivals. I had like 15 tackles, 3 tackles for loss, and 4 pass break ups."

Already in the midst of the off season Halmon talked about what he'll key on for his senior season.

"My focus this off season is first to fill out my body weight a little more. I'm currently at 179 and my goal is 185. I also just to want to continue to work on my overall cornerback skills. I've really improved greatly."

That improvement as we said before has already landed him two offers and has a slew of schools showing him plenty of strong interest.

"My offers are Youngstown State and Alabama State."

"The schools I'm hearing from the most are NC State, Alabama State, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Youngstown State, Wake Forest, Clemson, and Duke. The ones recruiting me the hardest are Virginia Tech, Alabama State, Youngstown State and North Carolina."

So does Halmon feel there may be additional offers coming in the very near future possibly?

"Virginia Tech and North Carolina I feel are very close. They've been recruiting me for a while now."

The 2013 prospect made a visit recently and he told us what his plans for taking visits and camps are moving forward.

"I went to Alabama State recently for their spring game. It was a good visit. They have a big campus and a brand new huge stadium and football complex. I would compare it almost to like Clemson."

"After spring practice and I've meet with all the coaches scheduled to visit our school. I will then plan all my visits and camps for the summer."

As for making his final decision he informed us that he plans to do that on National Signing Day 2013.

Bench press: 280 pounds
Squat: 385 pounds
Power clean: 225 pounds
Fastest 40 time: 4.54 seconds
Pro shuttle: 4.02 seconds
Broad jump: 9'1"

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