OL Logan Stewart Searching For A New Home

Former Vanderbilt and Boiling Springs High (SC) standout C Logan Stewart is looking for a new home to continue his football career. Set to graduate in December Stewart is wanting a fresh start and inside we have an exclusive Q&A with one of the toughest linemen to come out of South Carolina in quite a while. A starter for six games before being injured Stewart is still an intriguing prospect.

Logan Stewart Profile

Former Vanderbilt and Boiling Springs High School offensive lineman Logan Stewart was dismissed from the Commodores team back in January of 2012. Since then Stewart has been working hard to fulfill some of his academic obligations back home at Spartanburg Community College. With plenty of motivation and a hunger for the game still Stewart is seeking a new home to continue his education and his collegiate football career. Below we've got an exclusive Q&A with Stewart to talk about it all and more.

KF: You are set to graduate from Spartanburg Community College when and what will you be receiving your degree in?

LS: I am scheduled to graduate from Spartanburg Community College in December 2012 with an associate of arts degree.

KF: What are the conditions of your release from the football team? Will you be eligible to play immediately for a new team?
LS: Pending completion of degree requirements, I will be eligible for transfer to an accepting university with full athletic eligibility to participate in spring activities.

KF: Talk about some of your fondest memories playing for Vanderbilt.
LS: That's a tough question. I will take all of the following into account. I was able to engage in a rigorous academic program at a prestigious academic institution. I started two years on a football team that transformed its program from a 2-10 record to a 6-6 record in the SEC. I made lifelong friendships with my teammates. Lastly I had the privilege to play for offensive line coach Herb Hand.

KF: Who was the toughest player you faced last season and what made him such a tough assignment?
LS: Playing in the SEC presents a new challenge of personnel, with no weeks off (defensive line quality speaking). Dominique Easley of Florida, Alabama's inside combo of Jesse Williams and Josh Chapman, and Georgia's Jarvis Jones are household names who each presented a great challenge.

KF: What parts of your game do you feel improved the most since you've been at Vanderbilt?
LS: Starting for two years, I learned how to prepare like a veteran and took pride in doing so. I put extra time in film and on the boards to make sure I was prepared each week. I moved to center, which I feel has made me a more versatile offensive lineman.

KF: You're one of the fiercest competitors we've ever seen and really epitomize what a lot of coaches love in a "Big and nasty lineman", is that something that you take pride in?
LS: Absolutely. Football is an intense, physical game, and I try to play it that way. I enjoy the challenge of beating the man and team in front of me. Imposing my will, that's my challenge.

KF: You're looking for a new home to play ball...are there any schools in particular that really interest you or stand out to you at this point?
LS: I am looking for an opportunity to attend a university where I can develop my skills in the classroom and on the athletic field. I am confident I will be challenged by the experience, and hopeful that I will be able to contribute to a successful program.

KF: What factors will you be considering the most when choosing a school to play at next?
LS: I want to be all I can be. That will happen if I can challenged physically and mentally by knowledgeable coaches and outstanding players. Academically I am looking for a recognized business program that will prepare me for lifelong challenges.

KF: Are you allowed to start contacting new programs already or do you have to wait until you graduate first?
LS: Once I am enrolled in my final semester of the two year degree program, I will be able to communicate with coaches regarding my enrollment and participation.

KF: What should potential coaches know about you as a player and a person?
LS: I value my education and want to complete a four-year degree program. At the same time I want the coaches to know what I perceive as my strengths.

  • I am a competitive team player.
  • I value quality coaching and being able to learn and apply it to my game.
  • I recognize the great progress I have made under coach Hand, but realize how much better I can get, and strive to everyday.
  • I feel my competitive nature will add to the quality and intensity of the group of lineman as a whole.

KF: There will be some stigma from folks about your being dismissed from Vanderbilt's team, do you care to shed some light or talk about the situation, how it has affected you, and what your feelings are moving forward after Vandy?
LS: I'm a man, I made a mistake and I paid for it. While I enjoyed my time at Vanderbilt University, I am determined to move forward with my life. I am putting all of my efforts into being academically qualified and prepared to play football at my highest level. I have matured through this process, and I am confident I can be a contributing team player on a new football team, and realize the value of such an opportunity.

KF: What are you wanting to pursue after your football career is over?
LS: I want to find a job where I enjoy going to work each day.

KF: What else should people know about you moving forward?
LS: I am looking forward to continuing my education and getting back on the field. I seek an opportunity to compete and be part of something.


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