Offer Comes For GMC S Tiquention Coleman

Former Mauldin High standout Tiquention Coleman is now at Georgia Military College and the safety prospect just grabbed an offer. Given his knack for making big plays and remaining one of the biggest hitters out of South Carolina in recent memory expect more offers to roll in for Coleman soon.

Tiquention Coleman Profile

I've been covering South Carolina high school football for nearly 10 years now and there have been a few defensive backfield prospects who stick out in my mind as guys who consistently "bring the wood". One of those guys who I always eagerly wanted to see play is former Mauldin High safety Tiquention Coleman who is now at Georgia Military College.

Life has been different transitioning from Mauldin to GMC but heading into his second season things have become easier for him.

"The transition from high school to GMC has been an overwhelming experience for me. I feel like having to come to Junior College humbled me and helped me to value life in ways that I never did before."

Although the change started out somewhat difficult it's something that Coleman has embraced and feels has had a positive effect on his life in the future with college football and beyond.

"At GMC the football is extremely competitive! One of the transitions that I had to make was getting used to the speed and size of the players at practice. We have players on this team that are more talented than anyone I have ever played against. GMC is mentally and physically preparing me for the next level. It is making me cherish what I do out there on that field more and that is going to be carried on to my next school. Its not only preparing me mentally for football on the next level, its also mentally preparing me for the next level of life, making me a more responsible and proactive adult."

The hard work has paid off in many areas for Coleman though he says.

"Since I've come to GMC I'm playing smart, being a leader on and off the field, and just being a smarter player."

Schools have been showing Coleman interest since his first season last year at GMC and he talked about a couple of the ones who have shown strong interest early on.

"Kansas is currently evaluating my film, they like what they see and they have told my coaches that they might be leaning towards an offer. I've also talked to Appalachian State's coach Sloan not too long ago and he wants to get me on a visit."

"I just got an offer from UNC Charlotte," Coleman told us on Saturday.

Other schools that Coleman says he is hoping to hear more from are South Carolina, Clemson, Auburn, Cincinnati, and East Carolina.

His penchant for making big plays still remains while at GMC and college coaches are sure to love his playmaking ability. That's why we're expecting more offers to keep coming in for Coleman. Looking ahead to his sophomore season at GMC Coleman talked about some goals he's set for himself to improve in hopes of landing more offers.

"My goals for next season are to become better in my deep ball coverage. The run stop is there and the speed is too everyone says. I am just trying to become more of a technician in my coverage game and become a better student of the game."

Check out his highlight tape from last season at GMC by clicking the video player below.

Note: Pay attention to the first couple of plays on the highlight to see how hard Coleman hits!

Asked about what went through his mind during the initial play and hit on the punter in his highlight tape Coleman replied, "When I see it now I think about how big my eyes got when my opponent didn't block me and gave me a free shot on the punter! I just wish I can rewind the sound of the collision, it was something to remember."

As we mentioned before there are only a handful of guys who really stick out to us who can make some game changing and bone jarring hits out of the defensive backfield on a regular basis during their high school careers. Some of those guys who come to mind along with Coleman are Prince Miller (Byrnes, UGA, NFL currently), C.J. Byrd (North Augusta, UGA), and D.J. Swearinger (Greenwood HS, South Carolina currently). If I had to choose a comparison out of the trio I'd say Coleman most reminds me of Swearinger. They have a similar size, build, great strength, athleticism, speed, and just a flat out mean streak when they are on the field.

Stay tuned to and the team to get more updates on Tiquention Coleman moving forward!

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