2013 Intro: Estill RB Shervas Brown

With 2 offers already in hand 2013 running back Shervas Brown of Estill High School is a handful to try and slow down. The 6'2 228 pound prospect sat down with SCPrepNation.com to talk about his career, recruitment, and outlook for the rest of the season. Come inside with SCPrepNation.com to get the very latest with this talented 2013 prospect.

Shervas Brown Profile

With a 6'2 228 pound frame 2013 running back/safety Shervas Brown of Estill High School is an imposing sight for most defenses. Last year he ran for big time stats and he's at it again during his senior season. We caught up with Brown to talk about his season and recruitment over the weekend as he holds a pair of offers already and is looking to add some more to his resume down the stretch.

As a junior he averaged 216 yards and 3 touchdowns per game he says. He talked about one of his best performances which was a year ago too.

"My best game was my junior year against Whale Branch High School. They had us 19-0 then in the second half I came out and rushed for three touchdowns and threw one to put us on top 24-19. Then later in the fourth quarter I threw a halfback pass for a touchdown. I had 230 yards that game. I didn't expect us to come back and beat them but we did."

"Right now we're 4-3."

"I'm averaging about 200 yards and 2 touchdowns per game right now."

Last season Brown's numbers were a tad bit better but more teams are aware of his talents and keying on him. Brown talked about his approach to things this year with team's knowing what he's capable of.

"Everybody knows that I'm the top dog on our offense so the defenses key on me so while they are keying on me the other backs take control of the game. Then in the second half they won't know what to expect so then I come run the ball down their throats."

Given his size at 6'2 228 pounds you'd think Brown was simply a bully on the football field when it comes to his running style. That isn't totally true according to the 2013 prospect.

"My moves are my biggest strength because I'm elusive, but I want to get even better. When I know when I'm one on one with a defensive back I can put some juke moves on him so that he won't be able to put his hands on me."

A number of schools are actively recruiting Brown too he says.

"I'm hearing from Elon, Wake Forest, Syracuse, South Carolina, South Carolina State, and Idaho. Out of all those I'd say Elon is recruiting me the hardest right now."

"I've got offers from Elon and South Carolina State."

Brown has visited with South Carolina and he says he enjoyed learning more about their academic program and spending time on the field watching the players go through their pre-game warmup drills while he was there.

Asked to expound about what his goals are for the team and himself on a personal level Brown had this to say.

"For the team I want to be a leader and carry them as far as i can in the playoffs because I've never been past the first round. On a personal level I want to do what my coach wants me to do, and be a big brother to the team."

One former opponent who is now in the college ranks is the toughest player Brown says he's ever faced.

"Wesley Scott (Miami OH), he's strong and can take on two men and still make a tackle."

One thing that will be a key for Brown in choosing a college is the relationship he will have with the coaching staff he informed us. He'd like to major in Architecture or Engineering he said.

Bench press: 225 pounds
Squat: 405 pounds
Power clean: 265 pounds
Fastest 40: 4.5 seconds

Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite movie: The Waterboy
Favorite actor/actress: Kevin Hart
Favorite subject in school: Math
Favorite video game: Madden 2013
Dream school: University of Alabama
Dream date would be with: Meagan Good
Favorite football player: Fred Jackson
One thing about you that most people would be surprised to know: "I'm not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. I'm just trying make my family happy and have a success in my dream."

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