The Latest With 2014 RB Caleb Kinlaw

Goose Creek running back Caleb Kinlaw has been a force for the Gators the past 3 seasons and he's got a nice list of offers to choose from currently. Inside we get the lastest with Kinlaw as he talks about whittling down his list to five and some schools he'd like to hear more from in the very near future. Come inside with to get the very latest...

Caleb Kinlaw Profile

Still regarded as the top running prospect in the state of South Carolina for the 2014 class Goose Creek's Caleb Kinlaw has been a known commodity for nearly his entire high school career. We caught up with Kinlaw to get an update on what's been going on as of late with his recruitment.

"Well the last visit I made was to Georgia Tech and before that it was to Tennessee's spring game."

Kinlaw said his most recent offers came from Marshall and Florida International and he's hoping for more. He'll be on the road soon as well he informed us.

"I should be getting to Tennessee and North Carolina soon. Maybe Marshall and Vanderbilt too."

Kinlaw confirmed that Tennessee is his current leader still but there are others he'd like to hear more from soon.

"Tennessee is still on top right now. I wanna hear more from Louisville, Kansas State, Vanderbilt, and Southern California. My top 3 right now are Tennessee, North Carolina, and Arizona. After them it'll probably be either Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Kansas State, or Marshall falling behind them at four and five. I'll choose two out of that last four I mentioned and those will complete my top five."

Being in the recruiting scene for the past 3 seasons Kinlaw already has a strong knowledge of what it is he's going to be considering most when choosing a school. He shared that list with us.

"Education, graduation rates, school prestige, coaching staff stability, facilities, program success, early playing time, and atmosphere. Somewhere I can call home without a doubt."

Stay tuned to for more updates with Caleb Kinlaw as he starts to narrow down his list of schools in the near future...

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