The Latest: 15' Southside RB Lutrell Dallas

Despite some nagging injuries and missing a game already 2015 Southside RB Lutrell Dallas is on pace for another big season. We caught up with the 5'10 195 pound running back to talk about the very latest regarding his junior season and recruitment. Come inside for all the inside scoop here on!

Lutrell Dallas Profile

The Southside Tigers stand at 5-2 on the season and a big part of their success again year has been junior running back Lutrell Dallas. The 5'10 195 pound back rushed for 1,300+ yards and 16 touchdowns last year as a sophomore. Despite some nagging shoulder injuries and having sit out a game this year Dallas has put up some solid numbers once again.

We caught up with Dallas to talk about where he feels his game has improved the most since the end of his sophomore year to this point in his junior year.

"From last season to now I would say I've improved on my speed and ability to make the first man miss."

The 2015 back talked about his thoughts on his own play so far in his junior season too.

"Up to this point no I'm not really satisfied with how I've played. If it wasn't for my injuries I feel I would be playing a lot better."

Asked about the injury the 2015 standout had this to say.

"It's an acute injury an will bother me until after the season. I'm getting healthier each week though."

During the season's first game Dallas rushed for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns against Travelers Rest. Having put up big numbers despite missing a game this season Dallas feels the best is yet to come.

"I feel as if I haven't played my best game yet, that it is yet to come and could be soon. I really didn't feel any kind of special way during the game. I was just going with the flow of the game."

So far Dallas has played in 5 games and carried the ball 112 times for 694 yards and 8 touchdowns. It breaks down to 138.8 yards per game currently.

So while the junior back isn't totally satisfied with his play so far he shared with us what he's hoping to reach before year's end.

"My goal was 1,800 yards but 1,500 yards is still obtainable even after missing one game."

Dallas says Georgia has been sending him a good bit of mail lately but other than the Bulldogs things have been relatively quiet.

"I would like to hear from any schools are interested in recruiting me. Particularly schools like Georgia, South Carolina, Louisville, Florida, Florida State, and Miami."

He says camping with Clemson, Georgia, and South Carolina is in the plans for this upcoming off season.

When asked to tell us what his style of running is like and who he thinks his game resembles he had this to say, "I would say my style is aggressive but smooth at the same time like Arian Foster combined with Adrian Peterson."

Dallas also had a message for college coaches too.

"College coaches should know that I would be a great addition to their program not only will I be great for the school because I will stay all four years and graduate to earn my degree."

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