UP NEXT: 2016 WR Samuel Denmark

Our "UP NEXT" series rolls on and this time we feature 2016 wide receiver Samuel Denmark from Hanahan High School. We featured another wide receiver from Hanahan about 3 years ago named Chris Brown (Notre Dame). Denmark is set to make his own mark as we project him to be one of 2016's very best after we watched his early sophomore film. Come inside to get the skinny on Denmark with us...

Samuel Denmark Profile

The 2016 class here in South Carolina continues to take shape early on and we've found what could be one of the top overall prospects in Hanahan wide receiver Samuel Denmark. Yes it's early in the process but after viewing his early sophomore highlights we feel extremely confident that this youngster will be amongst the state's best in 2016.

Standing 6'1 170 pounds Denmark has jumped out of the gate so far this year with 28 catches for 742 yards and 8 touchdowns. That's an astounding 26+ yards per catch.

Given his play early on what does the 2016 prospect feel are some of his biggest strengths on the field right now?

"I believe its a combination of a lot of things because there are a lot times where I can make my defender flip his hips to get a good break out of my route and about time they do that my speed frees me away from them even more to get me open and my hands have been great this year with my quarterback trusting me and throwing it in a good spot for me to make a play."

How good have those hands been so far this year?

"So far I've caught everything that's touched my hands."

"I would like to improve my speed. I would like to get faster and be able to read the defenses better to find a more open area when they change the coverages up on us. I would like to improve my agility too."

Still fairly early in the recruiting process Denmark has heard from a couple of schools early on. He talked about those and other schools that he'd like to hear from soon.

"I know last year I got some questionnaires from Clemson and Georgia. I've gotten some mail from Penn State and the South Carolina recruiter this year too."

"I wouldn't mind hearing more from Clemson, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Miami, West Virginia, and Ohio State. Schools like that, them and my dream school Oregon I wouldn't mind hearing from them too."

This off season Denmark says he'll make it out to a couple of college camps if possible to try and gather some more exposure and hopefully some early offers. Clemson and Georgia are the two schools he plans on camping with.

We asked Denmark if he tried to pattern his game after any particular players he had an interesting answer to which we had already thought ourselves after watching his early sophomore highlights.

"I'm not going to lie I wouldn't go any further than comparing myself to the guy the set the bar high at my school, Chris Brown."

Brown is the former Hanahan star who now plays at Notre Dame. Ironically Denmark wears the same number jersey that Brown did when he played at Hanahan. It may not be a coincidence either.

"Do I try to play like him? No, not really, but he taught me a lot when he left. We both have the same position coach so its just a good comparison. Yeah coach I think he saw this coming so he picked me to get the number."

Like Brown, Denmark competes on the track team and despite not running last year as a freshman after injuring his knee during basketball last season he put up some very impressive times as an 8th grader.

"Yes sir all I can remember are my times from 8th grade because i missed all of track season last year but my 100 meter time was 11.05 seconds, my 200 time was 23.6 seconds, and my 400 time was 53 seconds flat."

The sophomore will run track again this year to work on improving his speed and he shared some lofty goals.

"My goals are 10.9 seconds in the 100, 21 seconds in the 200, and 49 seconds in the 400."

Given his times from a couple of years ago those marks could be achieved this year. A familiar motivator could help him reach those goals.

"Like I said Chris set the bar high for me and I'm going for his records that he set."

So has Denmark recovered fully from that injury as a freshman?

"Yeah the film says it all! I'm good and feel 100%"

Football coaches may wonder how that track speed translates to football testing measurables and we got the skinny from Denmark regarding his 40 yard dash time.

"I still don't believe it but over the summer they had me run it 3 times and had 3 different coaches clock me at a 4.40 and 4.39 seconds."

Another area where Denmark works hard is in the classroom. He gave us some good numbers there as well. He also talked about what he'll look at closely when considering a college.

"My current GPA is a 3.6"

"Education, style of play, and playing time."

SCPrepNation.com will have video highlights of Samuel Denmark soon and will have more updates regarding his recruitment so stay tuned for more right here!

Favorite subject in school: Math
Dream date: Beyonce
Dream school: Oregon

Why is Oregon his dream school? "Because they are a good football team (they always find theirselves coming in with good recruiting classes and finding theirselves close to being number one each year). They are all about speed plus to make it even better they have nice facilities and a great coaching staff. It just seems like a nice place to have fun learn win and play the sport you love."

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