UP NEXT: 2016 Cross OT Malcolm Garrett

The 2016 class here in South Carolina continues to evolve and at Cross High School they have a prospect who we strongly feel has a chance to be a national level prospect before he graduates. Enter offensive tackle Malcolm Garrett, the 6'3 276 pound mauler is a pancake machine who moves extremely well for his size. That's why he's "UP NEXT" with SCPrepNation.com!

Malcolm Garrett Profile

Usually the case with young offensive lineman there is an area or two of strengths and weaknesses. 2016 Cross High offensive tackle Malcolm Garrett isn't without weaknesses in his game currently but they are far and few compared to his strengths on the field currently. The 6'3 276 pound prospect caught our eye and he has all the tools to be one of the state's top prospects in 2016 but also possibly on the national level as well. That's why he's "UP NEXT" with SCPrepNation.com!

Although it is still relatively early in the recruiting process for Garrett he has already heard from a handful of school he told us.

"I'm hearing from Clemson, South Carolina, Penn State, and UNC Charlotte so far."

Thus far as expected one of the in-state programs is showing him the most love thus far he says. In fact, Garrett took a visit to the program and talked about his time there too.

"South Carolina is recruiting me the hardest right now. We got there too late to talk to the coaches but the best thing for me about the visit was being able to see Jadaveon Clowney play on the field."

Garrett says he is looking forward to hearing from other schools in the near future but another SEC school is one he'd really like to hear form soon.

"I'd love to hear from LSU."

Asked what aspects of his game he felt are his biggest strengths and the talented sophomore confirmed exactly what we saw when evaluating his film.

"Pulling is my biggest strength. I love pulling."

The 2016 prospect hit it right on the head with his self analysis. His pulling ability jumps out at you and his ability to get down field and punish defenders. Many times during our film review you'd see him 20-30+ yards down the field making blocks for his running back never quitting on the play. That tenacity and effort really caught our eye. Garrett has surprising quickness and he has the mean streak that college coaches love as a offensive lineman as well.

Areas that Garrett says he'll make a concerted effort to keep improving on this off season are, "staying low at all times and getting my hips right."

With two more seasons to continue to work on his craft there is immense upside for Garrett.

Cross has been one of the most successful team in their classification in recent years. They won a state championship 2 years ago. The 2016 prospect talked about the toughest team he faced last season and which games he's looking forward to the most next season as a junior.

"Timberland was the toughest team we faced this year. I'm really looking forward to playing against Timberland and Timmonsville next season."

One player that Garrett says he really enjoys and tries to pattern his preparation regimen after is Bob Sanders.

"Bob Sanders because I always try to work on my game and play against the very best."

The plan is for Garrett to start hitting up some of the camps and combines this off season and if things go as we expect them to his list of schools should grow exponentially.

Talking with one of his coaches, Shaun Wright, there's plenty of options for Garrett depending upon how much taller he gets.

"Even if he doesn't grow any more he can be a guard or defensive tackle depending on what someone wants. He runs extremely well for a big guy! His father is 6'8."

We'll have sophomore season highlights and more updates with Malcolm Garrett coming soon so stay tuned here on SCPrepNation.com!

Bench press: 350 pounds
Squat: 450 pounds
Fastest 40 time: 5.0 seconds

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