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Explosiveness is the name of the game usually when it comes to skill players and 2016 South Florence running back Michael Grimsley fits the bill scoring a 91.32 SPARQ rating last month in Charlotte. Standing 5'9 175 pounds he already benches 300 pounds. He's making the camp and combine rounds in hopes of drawing more interest moving forward, he's "UP NEXT" with us here!

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A name that is starting to pique the interest of a number of coaches is 2016 South Florence running back Michael Grimsley. He was ill prior to and during the SPARQ combine in Charlotte last month. A great effort culminated in an impressive score. That's why he's "UP NEXT" with SCPrepNation.com!

Battling an illness the night before and during the SPARQ event in Charlotte the prospect from South Florence put forth a valiant effort and scored remarkably high despite his young age and being sick. His 91.32 score was high enough to put him in the top tier of athletes who've tested so far in the SPARQ events throughout the country. Keep in mind he's just a sophomore and has two more years ahead of him.

"It felt great when I got my score because going in I wasn't expecting much. But as soon as I put up the 4.73 on the 40 yard dash the adrenaline starting pumping and that pushed me through the rest of the day. I had a 102 degree fever the night before and was running on what little sleep I could get in between coughing fits. I slept the whole drive home and was sick around 3 days after the event."

Grimsley updates us on what he has upcoming on his schedule.

"My schedule for this month includes the NUC 5-Star on the 16th, NUC Combine in Columbia on the 23rd and the South Carolina State Strength Meet on the 29th. I'll also be going to most of the NUC event throughout this year. I'm looking to get invited to some other camps like Nike and MVP Camp as well."

At 5'9 175 pound Grimsley isn't the biggest back but as we mentioned before he's just a sophomore and given his SPARQ score he's got a solid base to build upon looking ahead. We asked the 2016 prospect about where he felt his strengths and areas for improvement are on the gridiron and he talked about it all at length.

"I feel like the strengths of my game as a running back at this point are my low center of gravity, quickness, and ability to hit the hole. I've always thought if you're not going forward you're going backwards."

"Number one would be to improve my catching ability. I'll really be working on hand eye coordination, just getting outside and running routes catching the ball. Next up would be my vision behind the line. It's hard to hit a hole you don't see. My burst is great but my top end speed isn't where it needs to be. I want more long runs and less getting chased down from behind. Another would be picking up more weight. As a short back I need to be as heavy set as possible while maintaining my quickness. I can't make myself taller so I need to make up for my height where I can. And lastly just watching film from last year and learning the game better."

So far Grimsley has been drawing interest from smaller level schools and actually picked up a D3 offer already. He talks about what schools he'd like to hear more from in the near future with a couple more seasons of football ahead of him on the high school level.

"I'd like to hear from Clemson and Georgia because they are really good for my major (electrical engineering). Coastal Carolina is high on the list because of its proximity to home. All three of those have viewed my NCSA website multiple times. I've had a few emails from Georgia already. South Carolina is up there as well as Florida and Florida State. I've had a lot of looks from D3 schools. Playing time is a lot more important to me than division and so is my major."

When talking with Grimsley its easy to see the youngster is well spoken and has put great thought into what his aspirations are for his future. Not many sophomores in high school have thought about their college major and started researching what schools have outstanding programs in that particular field of study.

With such potential and already opening eyes with his SPARQ rating in Charlotte we'll keep a close eye on Grimsley as he continues to make the camp and combine stops this off season. Keep it right here with SCPrepNation.com for more with the promising prospect from South Florence.

Bench press: 300 pounds
Squat: 420 pounds
Power clean: 250 pounds
Fastest 40 time: 4.6 (hand timed) 4.73 (laser)
Pro shuttle: 4.07 seconds
Broad jump: 9'4"

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